Saturday, September 15, 2007

St. John's U. says "F.U." to community

Despite assurances from St. John’s University that there would be no new off-campus buildings going up, a six-story dormitory is currently under construction on Henley Road in Jamaica Estates. Local residents and officials are furious with the school, which has already signed a 10-year lease for the 485-bed residence hall.

St. John’s Dorm Plan Angers Neighborhood

Evelyn Altenburg’s home is right next door to the building site. “We (Jamaica Estates Association) asked St. John’s and they said they weren’t building anything. It’s a technicality. They don’t want the hassle of building and permits. So they lease these buildings, but it’s dishonest for them to deny it.”

Update from Daily News:

St. John's University leases six-story site, angering residents

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

St, John's tried to grab a big part of Fort Totten
for themselves years back.

Is Schiame still their "guy".
He's one scary looking dude!

Anonymous said...

"Bachelor" Sciame lives at home with his mother.

Anonymous said...

A real "mammone" !

Anybody ever see "Prizzi's Honor"?
Actor Jim Hickey plays a scary funny old Don......
a riotous performance. H-m-m-m!

Any resemblance?

Anonymous said...

Bastards are doing the same thing over along 82nd Street. They said they were going to build "townhouses" for their priests, I don't define a townhouse as a 4 story massive building, of which they are building at least 6 of them.

Anonymous said...

St. John's U has always lied about everything regarding its impact on surrounding communities, but the people who are really at fault are the so-called "Jamaica Estates Civic Association" which fought downzoning, fought landmarking, and in this case, allied themselves with St. John's U, which contributes $10,000 a year to the Civic's private security patrol. The "powers that be" in this Civic will just use this to their advantage to squeeze more money out of St. John's, feeling they have accomplished a worthy goal. I guess neighborhoods can be bought very cheaply. Maybe one day the morons who didn't fight this, and every other negative development on the community, and who feel that the money St. John's is paying them off with is a teriffic bonus, will feel the impact of what they have done. A little too late, I think.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny that the Kamali Organization of Great Neck (which is building the dorms for St. Johns) donated $4500 to Jim Gennaro (the councilman who covers this district) Now Jim is acting so suprised that St. Johns is buliding dorms there. Why would a developer from Long Island donate money to a coucilman unless they want him to turn a blind eye to their shady developmet projects?