Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About face from Nazli

City backs off boycott threat on Bloomberg noose art group

Wednesday, September 19th 2007, 4:00 AM
City Hall has backed off a threat to boycott a Queens civic group until its leaders apologize for a poster of a noose "reserved" for Mayor Bloomberg.

The change of heart came yesterday after the Daily News made inquiries about the impasse.

Community Affairs Commissioner Nazli Parvizi had told the influential Juniper Park Civic Association she was "beyond disturbed" to see a photo of the poster in a local newspaper.

"There are lines, even in the political arena, and your group has most certainly crossed one," Parvizi scolded the association in a Sept. 7 letter.

The poster, which was brought to a July 14 rally to save a church, depicted a noose hanging from a tree and the words, "Reserved for [Councilman Dennis] Gallagher, Bloomberg, [Deputy Mayor Daniel] Doctoroff" and former community affairs staffer Matt Gorton.

The association has clashed with the Bloomberg administration over its refusal to grant St. Saviour in West Maspeth landmark status.

In her letter, Parvizi demanded a public apology before she would agree to meet with the 1,700-member group.

Robert Holden, President of the association, accused Parvizi of trying to suppress free speech and said he would not apologize for the drawing.

"I would not have used it," Holden said. "I'm not going to try to put my values on somebody else. That's the whole idea here."

Late yesterday, City Hall did an about-face and said community affairs staffers would meet with Juniper Park leaders - even without a mea culpa.

"The people of Middle Village shouldn't be penalized for the poor leadership of a few individuals," said City Hall spokesman Matt Kelly.

Flushing preservationist Jerry Rotondi, who drew the poster, said the noose was meant to recall the hanging of politicians in effigy and he had no intention of saying sorry.

"If they can't take the heat," Rotondi said, "then get the hell out of politics."

Here's a better version (blogs are great): City Hall Overrules CAU Commish - pay attention to the last line. It reveals the depth of this administration's corruption.

Now will they save St. Saviour's? No. Swallowing their pride was easier. They don't want to stand in the way of development in Queens and piss off our local machine.


Anonymous said...

Too late sweetheart, the community demands an investigation on your comments.

How did someone with your credentials get the job?

When are you going to resign? Obviously you have lost the faith of the people you are to serve.

Anonymous said...

I agree - to hell with her.

She should resign and her boss should send the civic an apology with a request to meet to discuss St Saviours.

They are on the defensive, lets press the point home.

When are we scheduled for the rally?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that Gallagher blasting the letter to the press corps in an attempt to embarrass the civic group is what caused the mayor's office to crap a brick? Thank you Dennis. We look forward to more of your backfiring tactics during your upcoming trial.

Anonymous said...

This was a living demonstration of the power of free citizens using free speech.

It was also a living explanation of why politicians and municipal employees are frightened by free speech used by free citizens.

It was (still is) a lesson on what is the real purpose and power of the First Amendment.

Scratch a politician or municipal employee and you learn that they know every nook and cranny of their rights and authority. They know which clause in the Constitution or which law gives them such and such authority.

Eminent Domain is just one example. The commissar and the Eminent Domain believers know and promote every detail of that law.

Ask them what are the rights of the property owner. Answer? Screw 'em!

Ultimate lesson? This "victory" is transient. At this minute, the Commissar and the CAU Commissioner are discussing how empty their words were, and how they will screw citizens out of their rights once again, and this time, make it stick!

We're on our own. Especially with this Stalinist who loathes the very thought of any of us "little people" succeeding by exercising any of our rights.

So, don't relax. Remember: this Stalinist is shaking with rage that we even dare to have thoughts that might disagree with his plans.

Keep demanding that officials act for us.

Anonymous said...

Look guys, we need to go beyond one loser protected by the clubhouse and press.

The whole damn system is rotten. Lets not forget that when we plan stategy.

Anonymous said...

According to Bloomberg, allowing freedom of speech is now a sign of poor leadership! Oh keep digging yourselves a bigger hole!

Anonymous said...

Nazli is the Britney Spears of City Hall..."Oops I did It Again"

Anonymous said...

"This was a living demonstration of the power of free citizens using free speech."

Nothing of the sort by a long shot. Just because they want to sit down with you - so what?

Just because a few newspapers nibbled at the issue - so what?

Lets see if you can stay one step ahead. This is a long road.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Rotondi's
pointed criticism, via pen & ink,
will inspire other artists to unite
in producing more satirical works
depicting many of our "elected" officials
as the lazy, sleazy on the take bums
that they really are
beneath their suits and neckties !

Anonymous said...

"Nazli is the Britney Spears of City Hall..."

does that mean we can expect her to be appearing in public in her panties sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

Nazi....oops there I go again...I meant Natzli.....
went from caterer to "catering to the needs"
of the NYC politico/real estate lynch mob.

One of Bloomberg's bimbos.

After they dress her down....
will she go and work for Parkside?

Anonymous said...

The real estate/politic ring that controls most of NYC
are all just a bunch of ass hole buddies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Natzli....
you've already pissed all over my parquet floor
and the stains won't come out.

Imagine an incompetent idiot
who's beyond stupid and puts blackmail in writing
on official NYC letterhead.

The administration will never trust her again.

She'll be assigned a hall....make that city hall.... monitor from now on !

Anonymous said...

The offensive poster and the antagonistic letters have done nothing but hurt the cause of those who want a park and rebuilt St. Saviour's. The city will not spend the money to make it a park because it does not make sense to spend public funds to have a park at that location, and to do so would be a disservice to the taxpayers of this city. That location is surrounded predominantly by industrial buildings. There is some residential housing directly near the park, but the large majority of the area is industrial and commercial. Maurice Park is half a mile away from this site. The city agreed to spend money to create a park on the Elmhurst gas tank site because that was an effective location for a park. The St. Saviour's site is not. The city is taking a responsible position here, and displaying "lynching" posters will not change that.

Queens Crapper said...

"The city will not spend the money to make it a park because it does not make sense to spend public funds to have a park at that location, and to do so would be a disservice to the taxpayers of this city."

So you just contradicted your first sentence. Furthermore, you know not of what you speak, because there is a contiguous area of houses stretching from around that site all the way back into the heart of Maspeth.

Anonymous said...

The parks department also has admitted that this area is underserved by parks and was left out of the 2030 plan.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is no longer on the Parks Committee, and the department seems to be reaching out. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Let's also not forget that Doctoroff's office SAID they didn't want to get involved with St. Saviour's because of interference by Pinky. Not because it wasn't in a good location.

georgetheatheist said...

Forget the noose.

CRUCIFY all the bastards! Up on the hill surrounding the church!! And while they are SCREAMING in agony we STONE 'em to death!!! And then SPIT on their graves!!!!

[Now, is everybody happy?]

Anonymous said...

The Parks Department is reaching out---to slap you JPCA exec board cronies.

georgetheatheist said...

[Crucifixion: continuing with the tree motif.]

Anonymous said...

I think this commissioner is not very savvy due to her having no political experience whatsoever(maybe she's been catering political fundraisers on the cuff, or cuffing some councilmembers carrot). I am sure councilman Gallagher offered her his advice about the situation because it is in his district. I am sure he offered to write this letter for her knowing he would use it to send to members of the community to sandbag the JPCA. If you look on the list of people it was CC'd to Gallagher's name is on the list. I wonder who would be devious enough to send a copy of that letter anonymously and has access to a copy? This helpless woman is just another in the long line of victims of the perilous pinkster. PS- on the bright side at least that pink douchebag finally did some work.(although for himself as usual)

Anonymous said...

In one man's opinion an "offensive poster".....
in many others' opinions....quite effective
in revealing the stench of corruption
begining at the Parkside lobby group (hello Evan).....
and ending with Der Mayor on the steps of city hall !

They've even got their Nazi....there I go again.....
I meant Natzli henchwoman !

"Hurt the cause" more blackmail ? !!!

You thugs are digging yourself deeper into the hole you're already at the bottom of.

Just wait and see what follows!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster. The Daily News actually wrote on their blog that the former CAU commissioner went to work for Parkside. That in itself is newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

you'd think nazli didn't have any pants on by the way she's clasping her hands in front of her crotch.

Anonymous said...

That photo makes nasty Nazli resemble a 15-year old on a trip to Washington. What an unprofessional photo! Does she have a suit or at least a business outfit?

Commissioner Parvisi my ass... this is what Bloomberg thinks of CAU. Under his administration, CAU has gone completely down the tubes.

A bunch of interns are running that office. That guy Matt Kelly was an incompetent intern last year now they make him a spokesperson. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Nazli might have gotten away with that shit in Iran but not here. We have a little thing called the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Brennan was commissioner of CAU for a very short time. Just enough time to make connections and work for the Parkside pariahs.

Patrick Brennan is an ass-wipe.

Anonymous said...

Matt Gorton hounded Nazli until she did him a favor and penned that dumb letter. Gorton's been talking to Dennis Gallagher too.

Gorton was banished to the Siberian province of Legislative Affairs for good reason.

More to come on that.

Anonymous said...

After Dennis P. Gallagher was indicted on 10 counts of rape and assault, he was booted off all of his committees by the speaker of the city council.

Now he sits in the backroom of his council (brothel) office blogging venom against the JPCA.

Sticks and stones can break our bones but words are going to put Gallagher away for an extra 10.

Anonymous said...

CAU = community ASS-istance Unit !

Anonymous said...

Stop stupid insults of the woman (which just muddies the issue and keeps those Parkside types firing back.) Lets keep our focus on this scandal:

1. how did she get appointed with a background that does not seem to qualify her for this post.

2. the appointment of a weak person like her throws open questions as to how important this post really is.

3. none of our local representatives said a thing about her appointment certainly raises eyebrows.

4. its is shocking that the clumsy suspension of the Bill of Rights to protect a clubhouse hack has not garnered a single comment from any elected official or the press.

5. we need to press our point home until she resigns, they apologize and we use every moment in front of the cameras to say St Saviours, St Saviours, St Saviours … .

Anonymous said...

"2. the appointment of a weak person like her throws open questions as to how important this post really is."

Appointing weak people is the Commissar's trademark management deficiency.

He is afraid of bright people, strong-minded people, competent people, and, most especially, the first and last criteria: any person who might conceivably challenge him on any matter.

The Commissar loathes all little people, so he will have none who have any possible capacity to perform successfully independently.

Why? Because the Commissar is a very weak person himself. He's not very bright, and he's boring. His only claim to fame is his wealth.

Proof? Watch him on these cable channels showing him in his officious capacity. His face tells the whole story. He's bored, disinterested (unless he speaking, but he's a dull speaker, reading lines like a 13-year old) and when a lesser being gets to the mike, he talks to others, rolls his eyes, looks around - anything but pay respectful attention to the speaker.

But, when the speaker outranks him, or is a celebrity in his or her own right, the Commissar turns into a 13-year old girlie, infatuated, star-struck, admirer, glowing in the reflected glory.

Don't believe me. Watch him.

Anonymous said...

The city has an obligation to meet with all areas and people to listen to their concerns - it why they are in their elected office. If Bill Holden has to gain attention of the city in unique ways - so be it - it worked. Thank Bill for being one of the few whom is not afraid of anyone and has no agenda other than to make our neighborhoods a great place to live in. Thank you JV civic folks.

Anonymous said...

If the clubhouse had their way tomorrow ....
the Bill of Rights would be history.

It interferes with their tweeding!

Anonymous said...

The dumbing down of America
is working quite well.......
thanks to each and every local "clubhouse"
who efficiently stifle real public opinion
by urging constiuents to remain polite
and learn to "work well with others"
and trust in them to know what's best for you.

You may wake up one morning....
pull your "I-pod"earplugs out
and hear a soviet style armored vehicle
(no it wasn't the early trash collection)
rumbling down your street..... replete with
an American flag stick-on just to fool you.

But peel off a corner of that decal
and you might get a glimpse
some other hidden insignia
one that more closely resembles
a swastika perhaps!

Anonymous said...

And the saga goes on as The People continue to get the big F.U. from The Machine

Anonymous said...

So the city does not want to go above and beyond for a civic association that attacks and maligns everything in its path. The JPCA will now get the same attention as other civics and no more. I can't blame the city here, the only ones to blame are the JPCA leaders who have failed to conduct themselves properly.

Anonymous said...

Well that shows how knowedgeable you are about how CAU works. They attend COMET meetings all the time and other individual civic's meetings.

Anonymous said...

Attending a civic meeting is not "above and beyond." It's their job.

Anonymous said...

Instead of sending a derogatory, insulting response letter to the CAU, how hard would it have been for the JPCA to say that it does not believe it needs to apologize because it had nothing to do with the poster, it respects the person exhibiting his own opinions, however the JPCA does not agree with the poster or the message it portrays, and the JPCA looks forward to maintaining a respectful relationship with the CAU and having productive meetings an dialogue with them in the future. Wouldn't that have served the community much better than the nonsense that was actually in the response letter?

Anonymous said...

Instead of sending a derogatory, insulting response letter to the JPCA 2 months after the fact, how hard would it have been for the CAU to call and inquire about the rally and then say they look forward to maintaining a respectful relationship with the civic and having productive meetings and dialogue with them in the future? Wouldn't that have served the community much better than the nonsense that was actually in the response letter?

Anonymous said...

"I can't blame the city here, the only ones to blame are the JPCA leaders who have failed to conduct themselves properly.'

And where did you learn about civics, in the soviet gulag? Costume dramas in the ante-bellum south where we show up, hat in hand, 'please mista, please mista?'

There is a lot of issues here but you guys just keep going back to how the king's officials are just not treated with due respect by the boorish colonials.

As someone said before, compared to other countries, you politicians get treated lightly by the American public.

Just keep up with that attitude and you will end up with digging yourself in a deeper hole.

The smart response from you should be predicated by acknowledging that American public puts up with just so much.

But, being in politics where being smart (as opposed to shrewd) is a liabilty, you are likley not too smart to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Tim, the CAU did not hold a press conference where a person held up a poster with a noose around a tree branch with the names of JPCA members on it. The JPCA response letter was counter-productive and ill-conceived.

Anonymous said...

"The JPCA response letter was counter-productive and ill-conceived."

The CAU official was out of line and unqualified for her office.

No one seems to care about that. They are howling just because the public protested it.

Maybe a lawsuit will wake them up.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the process of discussing such a lawsuit
with attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Those mentioned in the cartoon
placed a noose around their own necks
by continuing to ignore
the needs of the Maspeth community
with regards to St. Saviour's.

All of this hoopla against the cartoon
by city officials is just another way
of them avoiding doing their jobs
and diverting the blame!

Anonymous said...

In Disneyland.... civics throw tea parties,
make flower wreaths and do not make any waves
even if they are repeatedly insulted and abused !

Perhaps some of you ass kissing posters
would feel more at home with Mickey Mouse!

Anonymous said...

If a noose is so offensive, was city hall upset to see Saddam Hussein hanging from a noose? Do they boycott Westerns?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes having a good nose
for the news means using a noose!

St. Saviour's was put on the back burner by NYC
hoping the issue would fade away.

Turning up the heat moved it to the front.

Let's keep it there......that's the REAL issue
not the cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Colin Gustafson's uninspired article
regarding this in the current Queens Chronicle?

Between him and Liz Rhodes
this paper is taking a decline from what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....not even a decent photo.

Complete lack of dramatic composition.

Anonymous said...

Will the mayor now demote or fire Natzli .....
using her as the scapegoat to further deflect
attention from the real issue St. Saviour's
hoping that this will appease the community?

Well it wont!

Nothing less than saving this site is acceptable.

We've already VOTED on that!

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone seen Colin Gustafson's uninspired article regarding this in the current Queens Chronicle?

Between him and Liz Rhodes this paper is taking a decline from what it used to be."

Certainly not the paper of Dan Havlik and Erin Lippencott.

Crappie should dig up the hatchet job done by the former western Queens editor of the Chonicle who now works for CAU, Jennifer Manley, on Sunnyside Gardens.

We certainly are looking forward to working with her.

BTW, Liz Rhodes, like Vicky S, is another person who should step down, but will not, and in doing so, drag down their respective paper.

Anonymous said...

One of Rhode's fellow reporters
(from a competitor's newspaper years back)
said that Liz wrote her articles
like a "bored housewife"!

So what can you expect of her
in her role as editor supremo? !!!

Anonymous said...

The mayor should completely dissolve the CAU.

Divide up the money
from all those high paying patronage salaries etc.
and distribute the cash among
only our effective civic associations around the city (not the BS types).

The CAU has got a long standing reputation
of ineffectiveness.....
second only to many of our community boards.

But then again.... if he should do this....
Mayor Mike won't be able to tweed the voters
into thinking that they have a voice in government.

Anonymous said...

Tribune has a front page in favor of the cartoon.... well bashing Gary A. seems to have some effect.... and taking Hillary to task must scare the Crap out of 'em.

Go Crappie!!!!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, it's clear from this incident that Parvizi, who was a caterer before she became commissioner of the mayor's Volunteer Center - he last post before this CAU gig - is decidedly less politically savvy than her predecessor, Patrick Brennan, a onetime SEIU/1199 operative who is now working for Parkside Group, which is representing the developer in the St. Saviour's fight.


Holy Sh*t, I cannot believe they are stupid enough to write something like this.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually the Bloomberg admin's criticism of the cartoon was also a veiled criticism of the Trib's decision to run the photo. Just think - if the Trib never ran the photo, the administration would never have been able to use it as an excuse. Because we all know they don't read Queens Crap ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought:

Rape is a felony. Cheating on your spouse is a disgrace. Cheating on your constituents is a violation of the oath of office.

Political cartoons are an encouraged and time honored use of freedom of expression under the First Amendment. So is writing criticisms of lazy, arrogant municipal employees. Public assembly and protesting a lazy, arrogant mayor whose snout is in the trough, along with the other municipal employees is the very reason for the First Amendment.

Felony vs. Constitutional activity.

Rape vs. civic volunteering.

Even third graders can see and understand the distinction.

So, why do municipal employees claim fright at the use of free speech, and boycott those who use it?

And, why do the same municipal employees, listen to and mingle freely with a felon? A rapist? A public adulterer?

Now, all you municipal employees, blogging on our dime, I know these questions are very, very difficult and make your sphincter muscles tighten up, but do answer them directly and honestly. Try to omit the names of the people you loathe in your reply. Just state why you prefer rapists over volunteers?

Anonymous said...

The Trib is being nicey nice cause ol Crappie is turning up the heat on Gery the big A.

They could turn on you on a dime. Such is politics.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is unfettered speech.
Bravo to this blog and the webmaster!

Anonymous said...

Did you mean Gary the big A?

Anonymous said...

Natzli's about face dance step.......
the Tehran Tango !

Anonymous said...

Natzli opened up this can of crap
and now she's going to have to eat it.....
in the form of a demotion....I guess.
(Bloomberg needs a convenient scapegoat
and she's tailor made for the role).

Anonymous said...

CAU under the Bloomberg Administration is a dumping ground. Just look at Christopher Coffey, his mother knows Bloomberg. Here's a guy without a college education and he made a six figure salary until he freaked out and was dumped.

Then there's Matthew Gorton, a political hack with a bug up his ass. If this guy has any talent someone should hire a detective to find it.

Now you have Nazli Parvisi, a caterer and Bloomberg groupie. Bloomberg has a crush on her. Patti Harris was having second thoughts about her but Bloomie would have none of that.

Patti is another YES- Deputy Mayor who should leave the Bloomie Administration before it is too late.