Thursday, September 20, 2007

Curbed on SWO Patrol

Curbed has the scoop on the Stop Work Order Patrol:

Builders Beware: The Stop Work Order Patrol is Coming

Surely, the DoB should have been doing this all along instead of relying on pissed-off residents dialing 311, but hey, it's a big city. In fact, given the amount of SWO-flouting construction in Brooklyn going on every day, the DoB might need to step this up to a Stop Work Order Army.


Anonymous said...

Hey....why not hire the Red Chinese Army
to do the SWO patrols?

They number in the millions....I suppose.......
and probably run a slightly more democratic ship
than our mayor does!

Anonymous said...

SWO don't work. Here in LIC a company that has those obnoxious adverting signs off the LIE tried to put another one right there off of Borden - next to that really obnoxious Fresh Direct sign. The property owner received a SWO once and then had another SWO - but these guys continue to work. I am a LIC native and I hate the fact that our neighborhood is turning into advertising sign central and that people can get away with it. The DOB needs to re-check these areas constantly and the community needs to take some action.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is a cold aloof imperial SOB.

He probably made it mandatory for the SWO patrol
to make their rounds on bicycles !