Sunday, September 30, 2007

Queens delegation united: LET'S GO METS!

Queens politician Melinda Katz will sing at Shea


Anonymous said...

the last time I took the #7 train it was so crowded that it seemed like there really were elephants on board.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right on this one.

The Mets, like opposing congestion pricing and pushing development into the next neighborhood, are so Queens.

On the other hand, the Yankees are Long Island City. Kick ass!!

Anonymous said...

Mets suck!!!

Go home and weep ....

Anonymous said...

Too bad this isn't the Roman coliseum.

I'd throw them all in the arena
and let them fight it out as gladiators!

Who do you think will emerge
as the lone victorious survivor in such a contest?

Anonymous said...

Look at how Alley Katz is holding the mike.

Which developer is she "auditioning" for?

"Sound check" !