Sunday, September 9, 2007

Taking a Grand Crap

80-08 Grand Avenue:
2 years worth of complaints
14 ECB violations
4-stories, 5-dwelling units and 2 offices where there was a one story funeral home. While building this, structural damage was done to the beverage business next door.
Somewhere in here is supposedly parking for 6 cars.
But wait, there's more!

Around the back, there's the lot at 53-14 82 Street. Approved plans show a 2 family house.

Let's not forget to mention that this menagerie is also pretty damn ugly - it actually resembles a big pile of something.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what an eyesore! That thing ought to be torn down, pronto.

Anonymous said...

What is the frigging matter with the DOB?

Department of Bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

Another mini-penitentiary style building.

The last business buried the dead.

This one's burying the nabe !

Anonymous said...

South Elmhurst has been destroyed by the ineffectual DOB. We cannot organize a rezoning in this area, too many properties, especially 1 family homes are illegally housing multiple families of are of illegal status. The thinking is that they are housed to serve in cash buisnesses to pay off their trips from overseas. I can point out single family homes that have 12 beds in the cellar. Upstairs have equal numbers of beds. These are firetraps owned by non-occupied owners. This featured crap property caters to more of this practice in a more lucrative way.

Just wait till there is a fire in these dwellings - who will be responsible?

Anonymous said...

"Just wait till there is a fire in these dwellings - who will be responsible?"

No one.

Remember that fire in the Bronx earlier this year where the guy had two or three wives and all those kids.

He was an immigrant, so that means automatic sympathy from the machine, the media, and nice goodies like citizenship and tons of money raised.

So what is the problem here?

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell is the Queens preservation community?

QCC? Landmarked districts?

Anyone talking to each other?

Hell no!!!

Well boys and girls, the tenticles of the clubhouse are in touch with each other all the time in every ward.

Anonymous said...

This thing looks like a prison. What a real piece of crap!

Anonymous said...

Corona and Elmhurst have been earmarked
for destruction because the Bloomberg administration
knows full well that the residents have no real power
to to stave off this assault.

Furthermore, their "representatives" are bought
and paid for by the real estate industry .

Don't take my word for it....
look up their campaign contributions .

Anonymous said...

i can tell you the problems with the dob i own the beverage center i called them several times regarding the construction at the building each time they came they said nothing is wrong even aftr i showed them personally the undermining of the foundation and they did nothing they finally did somehing after the wall collapsed they are a great help.

Anonymous said...

DOB.....dept. of bribe-takers !

The most inept and corrupt city agency.

Anonymous said...

the 2 family home they built on the property is required by cod to have parking they builders that built the 2 family home only left 6 feet wide for the driveway the dob code said the min is 8 feet wide they have no more land widen the driveway now lets see if the dob gives them a c of o . I am sure they will they are totally inept and nobody cares about queens anymore esp. the mayor i guarantee the city will let it slip by and not think twice about it for a few $$$$$