Friday, September 7, 2007

Not "If", but "When"

Today, New York City tops the nation- wide list of cities most likely to suffer a hurricane disaster, experts say.

In Queens, that means clearing thousands of residents from the Rockaways, Howard Beach and other shoreline communities that will be in the direct path of hurricane-force winds and towering tidal surges.

Is Queens Ready For ‘The Big One’?

But OEM’s evacuation plan, deemed inadequate in a report conducted by the New York State Assembly last year, will be put to the test. City officials must figure out how to stretch their resources –– 881 public shelters for an estimated 1.4 million evacuees who say they would need public shelter during a major hurricane, according to an Army Corps of Engineers study.

Next week’s Queens Chronicle will detail the extensive damage and loss of life that would be suffered in the borough if a major hurricane were to land in New York City.

Throgs Neck, Whitestone best exit routes in hurricane

Graphic from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe some of the community blogs in the areas effective will discuss this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe hurricane preparation in Queens will be discussed more since Katz's litterbox was flooded out.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. There's no way we are going to spend the money to have real evacuation plan for an event that may not happen in our lifetimes. You live in the flood area, you're on your own.

Also, I've encountered this professor before. He tends to exaggerate. The principle is correct, if it hits and it's big enough, we're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in Astoria about its endangered waterfronts.

Of course they are falling all over themselves to 'work with the developers' at what? giving them credibility?

No one that is involved in the porkbarrel Greenway has the foggiest notion that the waterfront will all but be shut down for the next decade as it is being transfered to the developers.

Thats what happens when obstensible community groups are infiltrated and taken over by developers.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Queens West.....
goodbye Arverne By The Sea.....
and look out Doug Manor, Malba & Beechurst !

What's gonna happen to the new
Willets ("Wellington") Point development.

The Mets will give out "rain date" tickets !

Anonymous said...

I can just see Katz
sitting contently on the bowl one day
reading a copy of her latest Queens Tribune
puff piece.......

when suddenly.....baa-whoosh.....
she finds herself airborne atop a vertical column
of surging backed up sewage water !

Do you think that she'll land in Oz ?

I certainly hope she doesn't wind up in my backyard
covered in effluent from head to toe
and ask me for a towel and the use of my telephone !

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it......

I'd also like to see Joe Crowley
forced to do a belly-wop
into a raging river of storm surge "floatables".....

running down his street in front of his house.....

as his only viable escape route !

You could knock me over with a feather !

Anonymous said...

I have been studying weather phenomenon for over a year. The reason for my interest stems from the observation of persistent jet contrails over New York City last August, 2006. This has led me on a path to the discovery of weather modification programs being conducted internationally. I joined another New Yorker and created a website:

As far as hurricanes, WABC-TV meteorologist Bill Evans, along with Marianna Jameson, just released a book called "Category 7" which is the exciting story of an artificially created super hurricane about to strike the New York metropolitan area. KidStarDust and I interviewed Mr. Evans and he spoke about the potential of a superstorm hitting our area and what type of effects it would have on the region. Here is a link to the interview:

Folks, this is a serious matter. Even if your neighborhood does not experience flooding, the damage to the infrastructure will make food replenishment nearly impossible and who knows how the electrical grid will hold up? Even Bill Evans suggests that it is not a matter of if...but when. Also, if weather can be manipulated, what does that mean for our future? If you create rain in one region, do you cause a draught somewhere else? Educate yourselves and Be Prepared!

Anonymous said...

Man manipulating the weather is pure science fiction.

Wait a minute warming is caused by man.....isn't it ?

We are creating changes in weather patterns.

We are manipulating the weather.........
not as much as our politicos are manipulating us
into thinking that all is going to be OK !

verdi said...

Good point about the electrical grid Alan.

Aren't those big generators that produce Queens'
power supply located right on the waterfront in LIC
and extremely vulnerable to a tidal surge ? !!!

Anonymous said...

My mom, (an elderly woman) lives in Howard Beach and was just dropped from her flood insurance. Never placed a claim - ever.

The "good hands people" gave her the finger.

If insurance companies are betting that we are going to have major flooding - then grab your swim trunks.

Anonymous said...

Tony C......
somebody in Bayside just told me that their
insurance company did the same thing.......
and they're not even close to the waterfront !