Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ben's Best open again

Sounds like DOH went a little overboard in closing Ben's Best down for 3 days:

"Our biggest problem was the hanging salami in the window, which we had hanging there for 60 years," said deli owner Jay Parker. "Now the Board of Health says that it has to be confined to the temperatures of other meat products even though it is salted and smoked."

Popular Ben's Best forced to close for 3 days

The salami in the window was 14 points on the inspection, he said. The deli was slapped with an additional seven because of the failure to clean a slicing machine after each use.

"We had sliced some pastrami, after which we were supposed to clean the machine before slicing some corned beef," Parker said. "We were making a pastrami-and-corned beef sandwich, so I did not understand what cross-contamination [there] was.

Cross contamination usually occurs with foods of different types, like cheese and meat, or raw meat with cooked food.


Anonymous said...

If you wanted to write a complaint to a moron, where should it be addressed?

Department of Health - Thomas R. Frieden.

Hanging salami? How do you spell out-of-control vindictive?

Anonymous said...

and meanwhile there are hundreds of resturants across the city that have serious health violations but remain open.

Anonymous said...

Come to Flushing
if you want to shut down some restaurants
for health violations!

We're not sure what winds up in the "chop" suey!

Anonymous said...

True.....in Flushing a pot luck lunch
has a whole other meaning!

Anonymous said...

Donald Manes hung out his salami for years
and played hide and seek with it
with some of his constituents
and nobody said "boo" until the PVB scandal
was his final undoing!

Too bad he couldn't spend 20 years in jail.
Let's hope that an eternity in the "hot place"
will suffice!

Anonymous said...

i worked in bens deli as a waitress for several years ,and i still dream about the food , bens kitchen was always spotless,these pen pushers would have us all eating bland ,sterile ,homogonised artificial produce, me id rather bens knishes mmmmm. tara houlihan ireland