Friday, April 16, 2010

Waste Management comes up with better plan

From C.O.M.E.T.:

Waste Management has come back with a new plan to transport waste by rail which does not require double trucking it through western Queens. Waste Management will expand their site by purchasing an adjacent parcel of land which can accojavascript:void(0)mmodate loading of the trains onsite. Private roads between the two sites will be utilized to prevent disrupting businesses that share the community driveway at the original site. This eliminates the need for the trucks to haul the garbage to the Maspeth Railyard, which is in close proximity to homes.

Here are the details and here is a the Solid Waste Management Plan's fact sheet.

We thank our elected officials for their advocacy and Waste Management for their open mindedness and responsiveness.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe hizzoner paid some heed to my "Maspeth is Bloomberg's chamber pot" cartoon last year.

Anonymous said...

Waste Management.. didn't the CEO acted as one of the employees in the show "undercover boss". He seems a genuine nice guy.. regardless if he is acting or not.