Friday, April 16, 2010

NY League of Conservation Voters: Another group bought by Bloomberg

From the Daily News:

The New York League of Conservation Voters is launching a full-court press to make sure that everyone up for re-election this year knows if they're not committed to green policies, they can forget about getting the environmental group's help staying in office.

Ha! Just dump a boatload of money on them and this ultimatum means nothing.

Noticed this post on the Neighborhood Retail Alliance's website:

If, however, the League really wants to earn genuine stret cred, it should begin by rescinding its support of the Willets Point development boondoggle. It had given Mayor Mike the glad hand for the project arguing-against all evidence-that the development would be a "green project."

Now that it has been demonstrated that the Willets Point plan will generate 80,000 car trips a day-with all of the concomitant carbon emissions-it should join with the NRDC in calling for an independent traffic study under the National Environmental policy act before any ramps off of the Van Wyck get built to snarl traffic even further.

Until it does, the League will not only lack street cred in our view, but it will be seen as nothing more than a muñeco of the hypocritical Kermit the Mayor.

Damn straight.

Open up your books and show us where your money comes from, NYLCV. (I think we know the answer already.) It's too bad the environment is not really your top priority. Just your cover. What a joke.

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