Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shocking news: Illegal aliens won't fill out census

From the NY Times:

Thursday was the day by which the Census Bureau wanted every resident to complete the 10-question form that will provide the data for the 2010 census. The bureau knew that New York City, with its huge immigrant population and its bevy of unorthodox and sometimes illegal living arrangements, would be a difficult challenge

The early returns were not encouraging.

By Wednesday, 32 percent of the surveys mailed to New York City addresses had been returned, compared with 52 percent for the country as a whole. Stacey Cumberbatch, the city’s census coordinator, said she was disappointed with the rate so far, adding, “It should be higher, and we have to work to get it higher.”

The work of volunteer groups helping the census is critical, and their success has often been measured in small victories. It might take hours to persuade Mexicans who illegally share an apartment on Staten Island to put all of their names on the form or days to persuade day laborers in western Queens that they should participate in the survey.

Illegal immigrants must be told, sometimes repeatedly, that the Census Bureau does not share information about individuals with any other government agency. And some immigrants and other New Yorkers need an explanation about why their taking a few minutes to fill out a form could translate into better schools, hospitals and transportation.

Maybe if you didn't insult people's intelligence, you'd have a better response rate. Better schools, hospitals and transportation? Please. It's also rather ironic that part of the reason all three are overcrowded is because of the very illegal aliens the government is so desperately trying to count and has no intention of returning back home.


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

Illegals are a major problem in this city and in this nation. The Federal Government embraces them and encourages them to stay here. They won't secure our borders and turn the other way when illegals want services. I don't understand why the government is surprised that these criminals won't fill out the forms. Would you if you were illegal? They don't have to do anything, yet they get everything.

Anonymous said...

They don't have to do anything, yet they get everything.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to fill out that bullshit cenus and I really regret that I will have to. The way I look at it is that the dam goverment knows who and where I am so they are just blowing our money on bullshit. What they should do with the money instead is round up and deport all these illegals. I say dont let them fill it out , just have them GET OUT!

Anonymous said...

How dare you insinuate that illegal folks are obligated to fill out the census! They are not citizens, so they do not have to, so there! After all they are special and are entitled to only what they need from you without obligation and with full entitlement, get it buddy!

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned! Completely flummoxed and befuddled! How did our Federal Obama Government not see this coming?

Steve Sailer said...

From my article:

Yet another little-known oddity about the Census: for the government’s main purpose in asking about Race and Ethnicity—calculating the size of quotas— technically, it doesn’t matter whether Obama puts himself down as just black or as black and white anyway. That’s because the Clinton Administration announced on March 9, 2000 that the government will simply ignore the white box. For use in civil rights enforcement and monitoring, the OMB bulletin declared, "Responses that combine one minority race and white are [to be] allocated to the minority race."

OMB Bulletin:

Anonymous said...

"It's also rather ironic that part of the reason all three are overcrowded is because of the very illegal aliens the government is so desperately trying to count and has no intention of returning back home. "

That is where you are wrong crappy... That used to be how immigration worked, how we got here today.

People came here to establish a HOME. They were proud to become AMERICAN. It was their goal.

The new immigration does not work that way. Someone who has been here for 30 years will still say "I'm a proud Cuban" or something along that line.

The fact is they are only here for the money, and have no intention on spending what they earn. 90% of it goes "home." Once they have a nice nest egg back "home" they return there to live out life high on the hog as the US dollar goes a long way.

I've been through the countryside of DR, PR, and the nicer parts of mexico. HUGE mansions, all recently built, paid for money sent back "home."

Many, empty for now... but a few more wire transfers away from putting the finishing touches (sat dish, marble floor) and then final flight from JFK will have them set for life.

Thats American NOT being spent in America.

Queens Crapper said...

Nope, read what I wrote again. The government has no intention of sending them back home. The illegals intend to go back on their own schedule.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Hey, layoff the Mexicans. Manhattan's restaurants need to keep that winnin' profit margin up.

Anonymous said...

If you have a perfect record of disregarding the laws of the United States, why start paying attention to the law now?

And remember Queens is an address, and some other country is home.

Anonymous said...

I''m not illegal but I won't fill it out either. fuck the govt

Anonymous said...

The government already knows how many people are in each household. All they have to do is look at our income tax returns. They could have saved a couple of billion dollars, but they are compelled to spend our money and tax us to death.

Anonymous said...

The only reason for the census is so there is enough political representation of the amount of people in each state. The politicians don't really represent the people anymore, so who cares if they get an accurate count. More political seats = more political graft. Small government is better for all.

Anonymous said...

Why do we even need to do a census? This is something can can be done through sampling.

Censeless in Queens said...

Why do we even need to do a census? This is something can can be done through sampling.
The Census Bureau conducts sample surveys on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis already! The reason that income tax records are not used is because not everyone has to file a return. Also tax returns do not contain certain requisite demographic information.

One of my biggest beefs is that experienced Census field representatives cannot assist with the decennial Census operations because of Department of Commerce personnel rules. What a waste! Do you really think that the cadre of inexperienced and temporary supervisors and enumerators being hired are going to do a good job??? Think again!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I think if they made the census more anonymous then people would be less hesitant to fill them out. Like get rid of the "Name" might scare some people.

Anonymous said...

I'm illegal but I'm filling out the census..and who the fuk said we can't have two homes? Yeah I'm here to get an education and make money but isn't that what America is about? living the American dream where you have the freedom to do whatever you want? and I came here legally but overstayed on my visa. there is no legal way for anyone to come and get a greencard anymore because the greencard process is so screwed up that while you wait for it you end up becoming illegal.I still have hopes because whether i'm illegal or legal I live here and this is my home America is my country and I don't need a paper or a card to prove that I am American. Whoever said that illegals don't do anything and get everything is an idiot because thats not true

Anonymous said...

Get the hell out of my country right now!