Saturday, April 10, 2010

A scary cemetery find

There's some shady business going on under cover of darkness at St. Michael's Cemetery. Visit Newtown Pentacle for the lowdown.


Anonymous said...

That's ya multiculturalism at work !
How long before these sanctuary city savages decide to sacrifice or mutilate people like they do in the old country ?

Mere said...

That is so messed up. St Michael's is a big, lovely cemetery. They let me shoot my junior narrative in film school there. Lot's of places to hide out. It's so absolutely disgusting to think that a cemetery has to be locked up like a prison to keep evil fucks from doing stuff like this.

Helen said...

Horrible. This cemetery needs an exorcism.

linda said...


krystle said...

a few years ago a toddler was stolen from her grave in Stamford, the town next to me (i'm from connecticut)..

I did some research and grave robbery still occurs in modern time, although rarely. It was theorized that it was for a cult ritual of some sort, possibly santaria.

very sad, these are sacred grounds that no one should ever disturb in such a way.