Friday, April 2, 2010

Radium contamination at SI national park!

From SI Live:

Outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy the 580-acre Great Kills Park for fishing, ballplaying, model airplane flying or other activities this summer may have to make alternate plans.

Four-foot high wooden fencing has been erected, almost overnight. It sections off approximately half of the park land that is believed to be affected by radium contamination.

In fact, the entire portion of land bounded by Hylan Boulevard, Bulkhead Road and Buffalo Street has been indefinitely closed to the public. This includes the stretch of shore along the Great Kills Harbor bulkhead frequented by anglers and crabbers.

“As a result of the preliminary investigations for radium contaminated soil at Great Kills Park, Gateway management has taken the precautionary step of closing public access to the areas of the park that were built on landfill,” said Jane Ahern, a spokesperson for the National Park Service (NPS). “We appreciate the public’s cooperation as we work towards completing a full investigation.”


georgetheatheist said...

And I wonder what's buried under FMCP?

Helen said...

In the meanwhile, SI-ers can also watch their children and forbid them to eat the soil in their gardens and yards.

Citizens, unlike the red-tape laden government agencies can do their own "investigations" that don't have to take decades. Buy your own Geiger-Counters.

How "ironic" that this park is closed just when people want to go outdoors...Greening, ha

Anonymous said...

Back in the day,western S.I was considered just a dump.Princess bay,huegonot and surrounding areas are plagued by low levls of radon gas in their homes.

faster340 said...

What did you expect with all that garbage that was dumped on the island.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was a glowing report!

Anonymous said...

Staten Island is already naturally cursed because the Serpentine belt of rock that runs through it contains asbestos.