Friday, April 9, 2010

MTA not going Whitestone's way

"Hello, There is an ongoing problem on the corner of 149th street and 25th ave. Less than one year ago the MTA moved the buses that would continue heading from 149th street towards 150th street via Willets Point Blvd onto the small street (25th ave) right next to the Flushing Fields park. This has caused not only a major and severe traffic problem, but also a safety hazard to those who occupy the park and who drive down the street. The buses are going at higher speeds and also turning left onto 150th street which interferes with traffic from the nearby supermarket, Strawberry Farms, and the already existing bus route on 150th street that goes towards Beechhurst. Attention needs to be brought to this issue.

My neighbors and I have contacted everyone from Padavan, Carrozza, Halloran, and Avella. Tony Avella was responsible from moving the buses due to a resident on Willets Point complaining and in one of many letters I received from the representatives but also the MTA bus company and I quote the insane and absurd idea that the Willets Point bus stop was too "small' when they moved it to a smaller location. From a letter Via Dan Halloran's office from the MTA company: "When we reviewed the site, we determined that the layover area on Willets Point Boulevard was too small to handle the number of buses using that location. We surveyed the area for alternative locations with sufficient space, and determined the location on 25th ave, east of 149th street, was the most suitable location. We worked with the NYC Department of Transportation to implement the change."

Clearly these people have not visited the area. Come the warmer months, parking on this block is not an option. Residents are fighting with one another for parking. This issue is serious and attention needs to be brought." - annonymous


Anonymous said...

Wait, buses are going fast, and car drivers don't have enough spaces? What's not to love? Raise the price of parking, and there'll be some spaces opened.

Anonymous said...

Typical Streetsblog asshole who never visited Whitestone is commenter #1.

There is generally free street parking in residential neighborhoods, especially ones without subway service, which is all of eastern Queens.

The fact that buses barreling down a quiet street where people are crossing to get to the park is not an issue for #1 because a) buses are great and cars are evil. b) it's great that bus speeds (in a layover area) are up.


Babs said...

I've lived near there most of my life. I didn't even realize that they changed the route to 25th from Willets Point.

I always avoided 25th by Memorial ANYWAY because it is a very narrow street to begin with and with cars parked on both sides of the street you must carefully execute your ride around the oncoming cars.

There is a playground for small children on 25th with street access. I believe the bus route makes a dangerous situation worse.

The post mentions "single family" homes - that area is more two family or attached homes and of course there is that garden apartment complex on the corner. In other words - they've been congested anyway.

There is no parking ever because of Strawberry's - of which the situation is only getting worse due to the high cost of produce elsewhere.

The Sanitation parks in front of the bagel store briefly too. It is a mess over there.

Anonymous said...

The intersection which these busses "barrel" towards has had many accidents. This past Monday a car avoided another and smashed into the sign. The buses prevent vision and they are a complete safety hazard. I've personally tried parking on this street and the buses took whatever parking there was. Its on thing to have no parking while the buses are actually there monday through friday but at least on the weekends they should have allowed it. That is besides the point. Avella was responsible for these changes and he expects to get reelected for repping this area. He can get real if he fixes this problem which he helped create maybe everyone in this neighborhood and those who utilize the park would reconsider voting for him.

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet the moron that claimed willets point was too small and moved it onto a smaller street.

Anonymous said...

Avella is the worst.