Monday, April 5, 2010

The hole in Bellerose

From the Times Ledger:

Two Bellerose civic leaders are warning that a gaping hole more than 5 feet deep in the divider separating Little Neck Parkway’s main road from the service road is an accident waiting to happen.

Bruno and Lucy DeFranceschi of the North Bellerose Civic Association said they were driving on the road by 82nd Avenue when they noticed the hole.

“We passed by. We thought it was a pothole,” Lucy DeFranceschi said.

But when they pulled over and looked closer, they saw a hole that exceeded 5 feet.


Anonymous said...

The road on that stretch of Little Neck Pkwy is perpetually buckling. DOT fixes it and a few weeks later it's messed up again. I suspect there must be some underground streams messing it up.

Anonymous said...

DOT needs less fat-cat sons & brother in-laws on the job and more qualified engineers.

Same crap on Northern Blvd by the Cross Island, sometimes you need a dam hovercraft

FlooshingRezident said...

I have one just like it in front of my home - above a storm drain filled with 8' of stinking water. Mine is about 3' by 2'. A call to 311 yielded no results. The police filled it with a Marino's shopping cart!

The hole is now covered with a bunch of planks and half a sawhorse. A DOT employee informed me that it would probably take about a year to fix.