Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd term not exactly a charm

From the NY Post:

Four months into Mike Bloomberg’s third term — amid a fiscal crisis, the threat from Albany cutting 18,500 city jobs, and of a growing roll call of top aides departing City Hall — Bloomberg appears to be a Mayor alone, his old guard falling faster than the new blood trickles in.

Earlier this week Bloomberg’s longest serving and most loyal and powerful aide, Deputy Mayor of Operations Ed Skyler, announced that he would be leaving by the end of the month to run government relations for Citigroup, where he’ll earn a reported $1 million-a-year salary.

Skyler’s departure came on the heels of Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey’s March announcement that he would be assuming a lucrative top post at Bloomberg LP, as well as the departure of communications director James Anderson, who went to work for the Mayor’s charitable foundation.

Bloomberg’s sustainability guru and the architect of PlaNYC, Rohit Aggarwala, also announced this week that he will be following his wife to California after his April 10 wedding, where he’ll start looking for a new job.

After years of loyally beating the drum for their boss, Bloomberg’s top aides are now thinking first about what’s best for them before weighing what fits City Hall’s interests. In total, more than 15 high-level staffers and commissioners have announced their departure since Bloomberg decided to run for a third term.

The Daily News noticed as well.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Kelly the meglomaniac will be sent packing.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is too busy playing with dicks to focus on his 3rd term.

Dick Hurtz said...

Bloomberg is too busy playing with dicks to focus on his 3rd term.
Who told?

Anonymous said...

No suprise the Mayor sent Skyler to Citigroup right after word was leaked they would be transfering control of 21 well located public housing projects to semi private ownership, controlled by guess who?? Citigroup.

not to mention that the city bought the bldg from citibank for cuny at an inflated price. Another bailout for citibank. And bloomberg pretend girlfriend looks at citibank as well. Fucking John Liu and Andrew Cuomo are worthless