Saturday, April 17, 2010

Three Yankee Stadium balconies to be preserved

From the Daily News:

A group of never-say-die preservationists earned a big save at the old Yankee Stadium.

Three 87-year-old balconies were salvaged from the rubble of the demolished ballpark and may reappear in the 10-acre Heritage Park slated for the old stadium site.

Parks Department officials confirmed the decision to save the balconies from Gate 2 at the original stadium was prompted by suggestions from the Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium.

Welcome to NYC where the government saves pieces of historic buildings as an afterthought and calls it "preservation".


panzer65 said...

The House That Ruth Built, a historic building, deserved a more dignified memorial. Saving the entire gate instead of a piece of it would have been more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Let's get on with it already!

Just give back the park land that was taken away from the community to build that very unneeded new stadium.

Anonymous said...

I could.nt care less myself about Yankee Stadium, but if the City was determined to save various elements and perhaps display it in the park to be built than the City should have focused on have the Yankees Organization to have paid for this. Doing this after the fact cost us money and the park that that the neighborhood lost is still not built is wrong and focusing on this artifact instead of pushing to get the park built is in my mind outragious. Get the park built before it never is built.

Babs said...

you must be a Queens contractor from Italy, Greece or Asia.

it's HISTORIC! I am not a big fan of ANY sport myself - but, Yankee stadium is sacred ground - and actually so was Shea to me. Went to ballgames with my father as did many AMERICANS.

Means nothing to you - but, it means a LOT to me - and I'm here most likely FIRST and longer so frig you and everyone else who had anything to do with its demolition.

It's DONE so we move on from here. BUT a dignified memorial is essential. As far as I'm concerned WHATEVER it costs its money well spent!

Anonymous said...

Penny Lee and EDC:

Give us back our millstones!