Friday, April 2, 2010

Step up and save Sunnyside

From the Sunnyside Post:

Sunnyside residents must convince their local legislators and community board representatives that the proposed zoning changes to Queens Blvd (between 39th Place and 50th Street) will cause irreparable harm to the neighborhood.

The proposed changes would allow buildings to be 125 feet high (12 stories) and have a floor area ratio of 5 times the zoning lot size. This is up from the floor area ratio of approximately 3 times the zoning lot size.

Therefore, with the upzoning, a Queens Blvd. developer with a 10,000 sqf lot would be able to build 50,000 sqf of, say, condo space (5 times the lot size), up from 30,000 sqf today.

Sunnyside does not need these kind of monstrosities to be built between 39th Place and 50th Street. They have already scarred other sections of Queens Blvd, particularly in Elmhurst and one section in Woodside. Yet should the proposed upzoning go into effect, these developments would become much more likely to be built.

Many condos were built along Queens Blvd in neighborhoods like Elmhurst at the height of the real estate boom. They were very low budget buildings, built with a low-income market in mind. Many are unoccupied today and are a blight on their respective neighborhoods.

Do we want to see our independent movie theater, for example, torn down, because the profits are just too good in producing one of these low-budget condo buildings? Do residents want to lose the charm of small-town living in favor of these buildings?

If not, send an e-mail to Joseph Conley, chairman of Community Board 2, and Jimmy Van Bramer, District 26 councilman, and have your say:

Their e-mail addresses are:

Community Board 2
Attn: Joseph Conley
(718) 533-8773

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer
District Office Phone:
(718) 383-9566

The photo is of a building on Broadway in Elmhurst which is at about the same height as is what is being proposed for Sunnyside.

You can always count on Amanda Burden to come in and ruin a perfectly good neighborhood. Kids going to school in trailers? Check. Overcrowded subways, now with reductions in service? Check. Of course, the logical thing to do is to encourage tens of thousands more people to move in.

Note the only commenter on the Sunnyside blog in favor of this wants it so it will bring in "more and better stores, bars and restaurants." I think this guy meant to move to LIC and accidentally took the 7 train too far. Sunnyside already has a decent assortment of all three, which will no doubt be displaced if this rezoning goes through. Just as it has everywhere else.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, developers always get their way regardless of zoning or rules.

With the help of our mayor and his boro president "cheerleaders," it seems nothing can stop out of control, out of scale projects.

Anonymous said...

Sunnyside: go to the Long Island City Alliance Meetings and share your experiences with people that are going through, or went through, the same bullshit.

2nd Tuesday of each month.

The only way you can win is to band together with other western Queens neighborhoods.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

re: LICAM...where are the meetings, what time?

Anonymous said...

Too late. Sunnyside is already on its way to being an overdeveloped, overpopulated immigrant slum.

PizzaBagel said...

For some reason, developers always get their way regardless of zoning or rules.

It is always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Anonymous said...

It isn't as if the area is full of warehouses and could absorb new residents. It seems that any job-creating activity has to jump through all kinds of environment hurdles but adding tens of thousands of new residents gets fast-walked. Queens needs jobs, then we can talk about new housing. Where are all these people going to work?

Anonymous said...

Sunnyside has had its share of new apartment buildings going up in what once was a one level business. Check the apts on 43rd ave between 49th and 50th. That was once a steak house. Also on 48th st and 43rd ave is an 8 story or more apt bldg going up where there was a resturant. All this over building puts a strain on our sewers, electric and schools. There are two new buildings going up on Queens blv. now btwn 50 and 54th st. One is for low income housing! Where are you going to put the kids?
Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

Just did a search on overbuilding in sunnyside and came across you blog. Wish I had the foresite to have been more actively involved. They have totally sold our neighborhood out.