Sunday, April 4, 2010

Queens: breeding ground of vibrant and diverse diseases

From the Queens Courier:

Queens residents may be at a substantially higher risk for tuberculosis (TB) than the average American, despite an encouraging citywide decrease in occurrences of the disease, according to data released by the New York City Department of Health.

While the national average for tuberculosis occurrences is 3.8 cases per every 100,000 people, the rate for west Queens is 21.5 cases, an increase of more than five times. Flushing is also well above the national average, with 16.3 cases per.

The wide ethnic demographics in Queens may play a role in the borough’s poor rates. According to the health department data, which was released on March 24, foreign born New Yorkers comprise most of the city’s tuberculosis cases, accounting for 77 percent. China leads the pack for countries of origin of the city’s TB patients, followed distantly by Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and India. The high rate in Flushing may be accounted for by its large population of Chinese residents.


Joe said...

Ilegels trespassing & spreading 3rd world diseases in this country are now called "residents" ?

Anonymous said...

These are illegal immigrants causing this. When you came over legally at Ellis Island you were quarantined and some sent back to their original country.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is correct. Why don't we just call new york - mexicork?

Anonymous said...

Crooked politicians who depend on political correctness to ensure their election are the real dangerous disease here. We must not offend our immigrant voting population. It could cost me votes.