Saturday, April 17, 2010

Police bust Crips-Bloods alliance

From the NY Times:

The Flocc street gang had an unusual mix of members. It formed out of an alliance, law enforcement officials said, between two groups that have traditionally been rivals: the Crips and the Bloods.

As the gang muscled its way into the drug trade in Far Rockaway and South Jamaica, Queens, and police officers on foot patrols started proving a nuisance to their business, at least one of their members hatched a plan to shoot them from a rooftop, the officials said.

On Friday, law enforcement authorities announced dozens of arrests as a result of a two-year investigation into the gang that they said tied it to at least 2 murders, 11 shootings, a home-invasion robbery and the distribution of cocaine and heroin.

The investigation included thousands of hours of wiretap surveillance by the Police Department’s gang squad and the Queens district attorney’s narcotics investigations bureau.


Anonymous said...

As stupid as theses mutts are,it takes a lot of time to build a good case.

Captain Renault said...

Nice photo, was that taken from the Bronx Science High School yearbook?


Round up the usual suspects!

Anonymous said...

can't read the names! is this on the web somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

yet another reason to legalize (and tax) the wacky tabacky. I bet 50% of their profits come from that stuff. And no, its not a "gateway" drug. Booze is more of one than tabacky.

Anonymous said...

So what has the NYHCH police been up to??? How could they let this dangerous problem get so out of hand???

Anonymous said...

Ringleader's name is Gquan Lloyd. Gquan? Were his parents serious? ghetto names.

Anonymous said...

What is the NYHCH police"?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Now only if the Feds (Only). not the nypd who might turn a blind eye. also look into the Hidden Half of the Gambino Mob Terrorist Criminal gang network in NYC known as D.M.S. funded by the Gambinos.

Who all three of them, 1.) Known as (Cousin joe) of Long island NY who operates the Rock show cocaine front concert. the Black and Blue Hardcore Ball That was formerly first called superball of hardcore until legal action stop that.
Thats is happening May 15th at Webster Hall in NYC.
that will flood the streets of cocaine and herion.
and worst!.

2.) The other
who goes by (G.) "aka" Gallatti a major coke runner for the gambinos.

And 3.)(Jimmy Gestapo) who sings for the terrorist Drug front rock act Murphy's law who operates Out Of NY Hardcore tattoos in the lower east side
of NYC with the help of Gambino Drug and child trafficking money laudering. which the Gambinos fund the D.M.S. drug terrorist network gang which all three Are named above are involed in.


These Mafia Terrorists are far more worst than the bloods and crips Combine.

( May Justice Prevail!)