Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paterson, Rangel declare war on Perkins

From the Daily News:

Allies of Gov. Paterson and Rep. Charlie Rangel are plotting to oust a state senator who dared to speak out against the embattled duo.

The Democratic machine is actively shopping for a primary challenger to Sen. Bill Perkins, framing his independent stance as a biblical betrayal of Harlem's elder statesmen.

"It's on the level of Judas," one Harlem Democrat said. "He's for himself and not for the team. ... We would love to get him out of there because he's driving us crazy."

Three young party operatives - Rodney Capel, Larry Scott Blackmon and Basil Smikle - have been floated as possible candidates for the seat in central Harlem.

Perkins has always been a bit of a lone wolf, breaking with the Democratic establishment in 2008 to back Barack Obama for President over hometown favorite Hillary Clinton.

Black leaders were stunned in February when Perkins broke ranks and said Paterson shouldn't seek reelection after a report that he interfered in his top aide's domestic violence case.

Perkins' words were a particular betrayal because he holds Paterson's old Senate seat.

"We were under attack," a Harlem Democrat said. "When the media's after a black leader, we sort of close ranks. ..It's an unwritten rule."

God forbid a politician should speak independently and not follow the unwritten rules. Doesn't sound like this guy's disloyal, just that he has half a brain.

Hey, Chuck: Have fun this September.


Anonymous said...

It's always gotta be "black" before anything else.Kudos for Perkins.

Anonymous said...

What a mountain of credibility that must be - Paterson AND Rangel.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like this guy's disloyal, just that he has half a brain.

We need more folks like Sen. Perkins and now Powell who don't cater to corrupt old school hacks - kissing A**.

Independent views apart from an affiliate party is healthy and expected by constituents if the viewpoint represent the constituent stance - this is only natural and good representation.

Entrenched Pols forget that the people put them in office to represent them on all issues concerning their district.

It's unfortunate and ironic that REP. Rangel and gOV. Patterson represent the worst practices and performance in both National and NYS arenas. wE THE PEOPLE DESERVE MUCH BETTER!

Anonymous said...

Perkins for congress.

He is anti-ED.

He hates government land grabs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a housing activist and have worked with Senator Perkins, a straight arrow who works for all people no matter what race, nationality or religion, for years. He is a rare human being who doesn't allow power to corrupt him.

Anonymous said...

Hope he kicks Schumer's ass.

Anonymous said...

And this has exactly what to do with Queens? Way to stay focused.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that Rangle and the surviving members of Harlem's Gang of Four have opponents...

But Rangels's challenger, A.C.P.IV has his own problems. and he comes from a dynasty. I'd hate to see Powell, Rangel, Powell. We need new blood.

Queens Crapper said...

It's my blog. That means I post what I feel is relevant.

Once again, if you don't like it, don't read it and start your own.

Anonymous said...

Someone doesn't know Queens is located in New York State Queens Crapper forgive them for their ignorance.