Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parking in Elmhurst a nightmare

From the Daily News:

Elmhurst Hospital Center, bordered by Broadway, 41st Ave. and Baxter Ave., is surrounded by meters. Employees and patients say that street parking fills up by 7 a.m. and is full until the end of the workday.

City Councilman Daniel Dromm pointed to the Queens Center Mall as another trouble spot.

The city Department of Transportation met with mall officials, the community board and police department representatives last week to discuss plans to study pedestrian and traffic safety near the mall, an agency spokesman said.

The area is also backed up with drivers trying to find a spot at the neighboring Queens Place Mall, home to Target and Best Buy.

Dromm said he has been working with the DOT to have muni meters installed on the streets in Jackson Heights and plans to push for the same in Elmhurst.

“It would open up at least a space or two per block,” he said.


Anonymous said...

What? No city planning? My Bad!

Claire said...

We can never have enough development.

Anonymous said...

How about planning for parking when redesigning the Hospital for growth? Maybe a municipal garage that handles not only the hospital, nearby businesses and residents could be built. How about forcing new construction to design buildings to accommodate 1 parking space per apartment? Too expensive, don't build it! In Europe, condo spaces deep under a building are built. Sure they are expensive but safeguard your car and can be lucrative to rent. In Washington DC buildings all have highly secure parking several parking levels below the lobby. Electronic cards give residents or car owners security access. New York City code should be reviewed by independent architectural designers from other world cities to make recommendations to implement smart efficient rules into design planning.

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst is a nightmare.

The ugliest poorest planned community in NYC by far (well, Flushing is a close second)

Rick said...

Has it been proven that muni-meters actually "open up" parking where they've been installed?

Where parking meters delineated actual parking spaces, people tended to park within the meters. With muni-meters, you get idiots that manage to take up more space than they should by not pulling up to the car in front of them. The same idiots that take up two street spaces between driveways.

woody said...

Muni-meters = more money for the city as people can't utilize time that is left on meters anymore.

Also, the vulture-like meter maids that ticket people while they're putting quarters in the muni-meter machine.

linda said...

Elmhurst is a nightmare.
The ugliest poorest planned community in NYC by far (well, Flushing is a close second)

# 1 Main street flushing
# 2 Corona
# Elmhurst/Jackson Heights 37 ave
# South Ozone Park/Jamaica

and soon to be Maspeth with SCA and Bloomberg destroying our community..