Friday, April 9, 2010

Much ado about illegals and health care

From the AP:

Medrano is an undocumented immigrant — one of the 7 million uninsured people living in the United States who were explicitly excluded from the legislation, according to estimates by the Congressional Budget Office.

The question of whether to extend coverage to illegal immigrants was so politically contentious that, under the approved legislation, they will not even be able to buy health insurance in the newly created purchasing pools called exchanges if they pay entirely out of their own pocket.

Proponents of reducing immigration believe that allowing illegal immigrants access to health care is an incentive for them to come, and an unfair tax burden on Americans.

Although the approved legislation explicitly excludes undocumented immigrants from participating in the exchanges, there is no foolproof way of verifying their documentation to keep them out, said Yeh Ling-Ling, executive director of Alliance for a Sustainable USA.

They will also continue to have access to emergency medical assistance.

"It is not fair on struggling Americans," said Yeh.

First of all, there is a difference between "reducing immigration" and wanting to prevent illegals from coming here in the first place.

Since we more than likely are going to provide amnesty to all the illegals soon, this health care conundrum will no longer be an issue. How we will pay for all this shit will be, however.

Why we would make millions more people eligible for federal and state benefits, as well as minimum wage, when the excuse for allowing them to come here in the first place was that they do the jobs Americans won't do, and for less money, which benefits us all as consumers? will get us more Democrats.

If you think any of the amnesty talk is because of humanitarian reasons, you really need to pull your head out of your ass. Nice try with the sob stories, however.

And after they get amnesty, what will be done to make sure no more will come here? Nothing. And even if we don't provide amnesty, we'll still be paying through the nose for health care of the "undocumented" and their American anchor babies.


Anonymous said...

you are correct, Sir!

I'm disgusted.

How come I couldn't get a waitress job when I was desperate and able and willing to work - lots of experience, too, and all I see are illegals waiting on and busing tables on Upper East Side?

I want my America back and the ability to get any job at any time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all I see are illegals waiting on and busing tables on Upper East Side?

It's wrong and I see it too, your 100% correct.

I believe businesses who unlawfully hire undocumented illegals should be called out on their illegal activities. Let's start by reporting them to the IRS for non-payment of witholding taxes, SS and disability taxes. Then, call NYC Dept of taxation to report the owner of this transgression and the highly probable scenario that sales taxes are being skimmed from the reciepts. $$ rewards are paid out to wistleblowers of tax cheats.

Anonymous said...

Correcto on this Crapy.

But at least the issue is MENTIONED. Now they are giving the impression that they are TRYING TO DO SOMETHING.

Of course, its BULLSHIT and WORTHLESS, but it is a start in the right dirction.

Anonymous said...

'I want my America back and the ability to get any job at any time.'

You need to be qualified and the old America a boss can pick a young, energetic, YOUNG worker without being sued for discrimination.

You'd be stunned how many 'look illegal' but are not, just high school dropouts who have no hope.

cherokeesista said...

Anonymous said...

Friday, April 09, 2010

AMEN!!!! OBEY THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!! There cannot be two sets of rules!!! I agree I WANT MY AMERICA BACK!! NOW!!!!

Miles Mullin said...

You'd be stunned how many 'look illegal' but are not, just high school dropouts who have no hope.

You know, this is a good point.

When it comes down to it, I have no problem with illegals -- just as I have no problem with developers.

Everyone does the things that comes naturally to them, and are able to take advantage of a system that gives them opportunities.

The problem is with the us. Our response to these challenges. Its pathetic.

Just as the preservation and civics communities (often the same) have their heads up their collective ass as communities are despoiled for profit (and for the benefit of those that don’t even live in those communities)and the political treasury is ransacked for tax breaks and outright giveaways of city services (again, financed by taxpayers who do not benefit from the new development)

The broken American immigration policy is the fault of us -

by tolerating people on this soil living in conditions outlawed a century ago, by working in conditions that are right out of the 3rd world, and being preoccupied with exciting things like Two and a Half Men and American Idol (and ignoring political issues)

We let it fester.

The trigger? The Democratic Machine which, as they profit by this, make the effort to control the media and the pace of political discourse.

Why do they care? Because the Democratic Party is always in a state of decay, for as people become successful (in fairness from Democratic programs) they gravitate towards Republicans.

So the good Democratic soil always needs to be watered by immigration (both legal and illegal).

Illegals and ghetto folks are cultural heroes!

Everyone wants to look and act like them!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

The chefs are illegal too, and it's not jsut in upscale eateries it's in joints owned by Indians, Chinese, etc.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who said: "You need to be qualified." I stated that I was qualified.

what makes an illegal more qualified than a real American who has experience?

I have gone into restaurants and asked if the waiters, chefs, busboys were illegal and the managers' faces were wooden. No answer was the answer.

Anonymous said...

If you suspect an illegal busboy or server, call it in. If you were wrong, so be it. These employers need a little scare. Let them pay a huge fine for hiring illegals. After all, this is really tax evasion in disguise. Everyone knows it's going on, but no authority will do anything about it. If the government wants to create jobs, tax the employers of illegals and these jobs will open up for Americans. It's a no brainer, but our government has no brains.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the American people vote on this issue? After all, we are the ones who will have to pay the bill if these criminals are legalized. Let's put it on the ballot and let the American people have a say once and for all. I thought Reagan gave all the illegals amnesty in the eighties and we would never have this problem again. Why didn't the Federal government secure our borders then? It's not our fault that our government is inept. Why should we have to pay for their mistakes over and over again?