Saturday, April 17, 2010

Housing authority allows kittens to starve

From the Daily News:

Animal advocates say a cat-astrophe is brewing at the Ravenswood Houses.

It's kitten season, and dozens of felines and their litters are hunkered down in crawlspaces beneath buildings that straddle the border of Long Island City and Astoria.

But the latest plan by the New York City Housing Authority, which manages Ravenswood, to trap and remove the cats, hit a snag last week.

Housing Authority workers started installing one-way doors on the crawlspaces. Cats could get out but they couldn't get back in.

Mother cats, who ventured out in search of food, were unable to get back into the space to feed and care for their helpless kittens.


Anonymous said...

Queu the miscreants to say 'killin cats ded is kewl.'

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

WOW thes pretty f---'ed up. That is cruel and inhuman to do that to a new born animal. Why didnt they do that before they had there babies that way they could have rounded them up and taken them to a shelter. I would questions the moral character of the individual who thought that up.

Babs said...

Did you ever try rescuing cats/kittens? NO SHELTER in New York will take them (unless you know someone - which many rescue groups do - thankfully). AND that goes for North Shore too - they would not take ONE KITTEN during last year's frigid weather.

I find this article hard to believe only because people that capture animals - that are considered pests, like squirrels or raccoons, are concerned about the animals' well being and safe relocation.

What does Ravenswood's Management have to say about this? Is this really going on?

It is be more likely that they are removing the kittens and cats daily - they would have to begin regular feeding schedules if not - cats suffer liver and kidney damage from not eating - and quite quickly also.

I have to reserve passing judgment here until more info is given.

Anonymous said...

None of those cats will starve. The entire neighborhood of Astoria is over-run with rodents and the cats may be a positive benefit.

What a shame they can't innoculate them all against rabies and leave them alone.

Babs said...

A concerned resident should call to have them spayed and neutered - then released.

Supposedly there are groups that will do those free of charge. This situation calls for it - perhaps that is why too that they are trying to keep them all into one place.

Anonymous said...

There are about five ladies in groups doing as much as they can with trap, neuter, release and and Ive helped with them a few times. The ASPCA has their hands full and Bide a Wee at East 38th st is rude and wont take kittens off the street unless there very socialized which is hard to do all the time.

There needs a to be a no kill cat shelter in that area but that will never happen.
The amount of shelters in the Borough is pretty sad compared to other cities like Chicago.