Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going Green in Queens?

The main sponsor of a March 27th event entitled "Going Green in Queens" was Waste Management - you know, the company that is choosing to send hundreds of trucks per week through western Queens rather than barge garbage from the Creek which is on one side of their property or use the rail line that is on the other side of their property. But seeing as this was held in the borough which serves as the doormat of the City of New York on city property (which is actually above a sewage facility), this is to be expected.

“As an environmental service company, we strongly believe in working with good environmental groups in the community,” said [Waste Management's Rachel] Amar, who grew up in Fresh Meadows. “It’s important for people to learn how they can be better stewards of the environment.” - Times Ledger

When is Waste Management going to learn be a steward of their environment?

Going Green

Furthermore, although the event was held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, the event was supposed to be boroughwide.
Maybe Times Ledger Newspapers should bring a more inclusive banner next time because I personally have no interest in subscribing to the Flushing Times, even if free Mets tickets come with a free 3-year subscription.
(How they make money off that is a mystery.)

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Sergey Kadinsky said...

In summer 2008, I signed up for a Fresh Meadows Times subscription. I never got those Mets tickets. I also got Astoria Times by mistake. This is no way to run a newspaper.