Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Einsteins in the Bronx

From the Riverdale Press:

Between West 230th and 231st streets, across from where the new Kingsbridge Library is being built, 3050 Corlear Ave. has become a neighborhood nuisance on the way to becoming an apartment building.

According to Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, neighbors have been calling his office to complain about vehicles used for construction on the property owned by Sycamore Court Apartments, LLC. They have griped about damaged sidewalks, dust from the site and litter left behind daily by workers with no apparent regard for more permanent residents.

Neighbors on the block have complained about work being done after designated hours and damage done to property. Most recently, they have been up in arms over a fire hydrant they say was ripped out of the ground by construction workers, leaving behind only a small hole filled with water that runs down the block.

Less than a block away, 3120 Corlear Ave. is also on the rise. In addition to apartments, the building, owned by Pancas International, was slated to house the Bronx Community Charter School, beginning in the fall of 2010.

Construction glitches have included building equipment encroaching on a neighbor’s property and the developer’s accidental run-in with water while building above the buried Tibbett’s Brook, Mr. Dinowitz said.

“When these Einsteins struck water, it wasn’t a shocker to me,” he said, adding that everyone in the neighborhood knows the brook is there.

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Missing Foundation said...

On one sense I am glad to hear this.

This problem of development is not a (name your Queens neighborhood here), or even a Brooklyn or Greenwich Village or Bronx problem.

It is a city-wide problem.

And the odd thing about it is how, in plain site to everyone, on so many levels, its simpy ignored.