Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dumb design dooms shiny new park

From the Daily News:

Brooklyn's pricey, red-hot new playground is already falling apart.

Less than a month after it opened, the $800,000 playground in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park at the foot of Old Fulton St. was abruptly shuttered Wednesday for repairs to its foam safety surfacing.

The move comes after the small playground - designed by landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates - came under fire recently because of three steel climbing domes there that parents charge get dangerously hot in the sun.

A sign posted at the playground Wednesday afternoon said it would reopen Thursday morning. But Thursday, the play spot remained locked and a new sign said it would reopen Friday.

On Wednesday, the Daily News watched workers place blue tape over nearly 100 small holes in the cushy blue surfacing, though no workers were in sight at lunchtime Thursday.

Also from the Daily News:

Besides problems with the park's $800,000 playground, visitors groused about a lack of basic amenities - such as shade and bathrooms. Others complained about its allegedly dangerous entrance at Furman St.

While it has nothing to do with the park's design, some visitors also complained about the constant and deafening roar of helicopters overhead.


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Anonymous said...

the 19 trees planted across the P.S..159 playground has destroyed the future softball games for teens.the fake running track is a farce.a sewer drain is in the center lane of the track and under one of the B/B courts. trees and benches obstruct a full court B/B game? the 30'x40' astro turf is useless and only obstructs the ballplaying.
the toddler jungle gym is locked 24/7 behind a fence.
play space is for exercise,not 30 benches to obstruct play.
located at 205 st./33 ave. in c.s.d.26,Bayside.

ps. 14 trees died and were replaced.