Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Devastating fire in Woodhaven - A raging fire gutted two houses in Queens, Wednesday evening, the FDNY said.

The fire broke out at 108-10 86th Street in Woodhaven at 4:24 p.m. and quickly rose to level of three-alarms, authorities said.

The FDNY responded with 138 firefighters.

So far, there are no reports of injuries or the cause of the fire.


Edward said...

FTR, the fire actually happened in Ozone Park.

Anonymous said...

lets shut down some more fire companies we have a budget crisis. ahh the '70s are returning

Anonymous said...

Good catch Edward. I'm kind of sick of misinformation from news people. You would think they like to get their facts straight

Anonymous said...

How many apartments or cubicles for SRO were found in the houses?

Anonymous said...

Yup, the not-so-all knowing media got an easily checked fact wrong. The location is in Ozone Park.

Anonymous said...

I guess on tomorrow's news we'll hear that there were 2 illegal apts and 20 tenants in each house.

Anonymous said...

And tomorrow I will read in all those urban think tanks 'studies' raving about move development and this blight ignored.

I am sure all those Tower Kids writing the reports at Pratt and NYU and Hunter don't know anyone living in a flop house or an illegal basement after crossing the Rio.

But boy oh boy. Look crosseyed at a bike lane and LOOK OUT!

Anonymous said...

Ah shucks, give the Tower Kids SOME credit.

Ozone Park, Ozone Lounge, the latest drug to send them to the Ozone. It might be all the same to them.

But you are wrong in one point - they know those people living in illegal conversions. Hell they see them everyday.

The bussboys cleaning the tables at the ginmills these kids go to.

The tower kids have lots of sympathy, understanding -- to say nothing of a pool or future gardeners and nannies.

It all makes sense!

Edward said...

So.. what can we do about illegal conversions? Anyone got any ideas?