Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crap continues its march east

"6 Shoredale Drive, Manhasset
The foundation footprint must be 75X100 and 20 feet deep. Every tree on the property has been cut down. There's a sloppy fence to boot.
Most of it, including the whole house demo, all happened on a Saturday. No public polling, peep of it in the paper or in the mailbox.
Talk about bringing crap to 'new heights'!!" - Joe


Anonymous said...

I don't know why anybody in Manhasset or anywhere else in the North Shore should be shocked. Whatever is going on in Northeast Queens WILL make its way to the North Shore. No doubt about it. It will just take a little more time.

Northern Queens and especially Northeast Queens will become unbearable over the next 10-20 years. You have the Willets Point development, Police Academy in College Point, Downtown Flushing development, etc. The congestion will be horrible and the quality of life will go down even further. Many of these Asians with big cash and crappy taste will see no reason why they can't live in Manhasset or wherever else. Whatever they've been doing here, they'll be doing there. The power of their almighty dollars will corrupt politicians over there and change zoning laws. You'll see.

Joe said...

The Quality of life on the North Shore had taken a huge dump ever since the Great Neck Democrats got into office around 91 relaxing all the zoning and architectural approval & enforcement.
These bastards then voted to give themselves HUGE raises for doing less work

In the past 10 years its been mobs of Asians and Persian Jewish.
These people cut & destroy everything and have horrible taste. Many were imported by North Shore LIJ Hospital.
You can no longer travel between 4-6PM. Its bumper to bumper gridlock and road rage.
The Persians drive like maniacs, constantly commit hit & run.
They fight with the police, lie and refuse to pay when caught.
You have to take them to court.
Aside from Sea Cliff life on the North Shore has is being reduced to total shit. May as well live in Queens and save the $15K a year property and school taxes.
BTW many of these Asians are backed with by the Rev.Moon organization whos aim is to block bust and establish colony's.
They have actually rang my doorbell wanting to buy for big cash if I could get the town to let me build 2 houses on the property. Even offered to supply a lawyer !
I told them GO F_ YOURSELVES YOUR TRESPASSING then called the cops who came in one minute.
I assume the Greek on Shordale took the deal and screwed everybody out with that euro-fucco shithouse going up.

Are the Asians, Greeks and Buk-rahs in some sort of contest to build the ugliest crap ?

Anonymous said...

Are the Asians, Greeks and Buk-rahs in some sort of contest to build the ugliest crap ?


These are all new-money people but still have their goat-farmers taste and education.

It's Asia's version of the Clampetts.