Monday, April 19, 2010

Closing the rubber rooms

From NY1:

The city announced Thursday that the Department of Education has come to an agreement with the teacher's union to close the so-called rubber rooms.

Teachers being investigated for misconduct will no longer go to reassignment centers, where they receive full benefits and salary.

The teachers are required to spend all days in these "rubber rooms," but are not allowed to do any work.

Under the new agreement, the teachers will now be assigned to clerical duty, either in central offices or schools.

There will also be more arbitrators hired to expedite the hearing process. Under the current system, it can take teachers years to either be cleared of charges or officially disciplined.

The agreement will call for all teachers accused of misconduct to be formally charged within 60 days or they will return to the classroom. The DOE will have only 10 days to file charges against a teacher accused of incompetence.


primadonna said...

It's funny how as soon as a documentary comes out about them, Kleinturd pushes for them to be closed.

georgetheatheist said...

"...teachers will now be assigned to clerical duties..."

What? Shuffling papers?

How about janitorial duties? Give them a mop and a bucket.

primadonna said...

I think the DOE can come up with innovative things for these people(with master's degrees) to do than mop floors.

georgetheatheist said...

I used to freelance for a company where some of the clerks had nothing to do. ("Mr. Smith, I've finished my work already and I have nothing to do.") I was "in tight" with the manager, Mr. Smith, and he told me he gave the clerks some kind of "busy" paper work to keep them occupied through the day until they were really needed. They handed this "make-work" in at the end of the day and when they left, he threw it directly in the garbage. It was just to keep them "busy". They never knew what happened to their efforts.

Sweet Love, just what kind of "innovative" clerical things do you propose they, the rubber roomies, do?

georgetheatheist said...

PS I am a White Male.