Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blight on the Boulevard

The Harbor City Restaurant was in an old diner building on Queens Blvd in Elmhurst that actually had some personality, unlike most of the rest of this stretch of road.
A developer took care of that, however.
Coming eventually: A seven-story shitbox with the requisite "ambulatory care facilities" (loophole to allow you to build bigger), 14 residential units, retail stores and 53 parking spaces. The rezoning of Queens Blvd a few years back was geared toward replacing "underutilized" properties with cheap crap. Check out what's been done to the adjacent house.
Ain't progress grand?


PizzaBagel said...

And a few blocks west of that, right next to Party Time, sits another vacant lot whose development has yet to get off the ground. Posters there tout "another award-winning project" or something along those lines. I can't wait! Build it already!

Anonymous said...

Wow. More living space for ugly midwestern WASPS.

Anonymous said...

Look out Woodside and Sunnyside! This is headed towards you.

Dont be stupid like Dutch Kills or Astoria.

Anonymous said...

The building left was to house the illegal Chinese workers who were the dishwashers and bus boys. I an not sure why it's still there, it should be condemned!

anonymous said...

Somehow I don't think "ugly midwestern WASPS" are gonna be flocking to this area. Not enough trendy restaurants - only a few Chinese banquet-hall type places where they'll get the blank stare if they try to eat there, and Pop's and Georgia Diners which don't qualify as trendy. Also, no hipsters to give that grungy quality to the neighborhood - only working class Asians, Hispanics and a few Caucasian old timers hanging on for dear life.

Babs said...

Anonymous said - "Wow. More living space for ugly midwestern WASPS."

nah - WASPS don't get along with COCKROACHES well -