Monday, April 5, 2010

Assembly Democrats are a pain in the ass

From the NY Post:

Assembly Democrats have quietly advanced sweeping legislation -- already being called the "Rubber Rooms for All Act" -- to extend tenure-like job protection to all public workers, countering efforts to roll back rigid regulations like those that keep hundreds of failed teachers on the city payroll.

The bill, introduced by Governmental Employees Chairman Peter Abbate Jr. (D-Brooklyn) -- who proudly proclaims himself "the unions' bulldog" -- would nix in-house disciplinary proceedings for all state civil servants accused of wrongdoing by their employers.

Instead, workers would be entitled to a binding ruling by an "independent" arbitrator approved by both the employer and the employee.

The bill makes no provision to break a stalemate, suggesting a dispute could drag on indefinitely.

The legislation would also ban state and local governments from suspending workers without pay while the arbitration process plays out. An exception would be made only for those accused of sale or possession of drugs.

The provisions mirror the state's "rubber room" law, which makes it nearly impossible to fire tenured teachers and has led the Department of Education to warehouse some 675 unwanted teachers in so-called reassignment centers daily at a cost of $40.5 million last year.


Anonymous said...

isn't new york grand?

mpineiro said...

Democrats sure have the right idea on how to fix the budget!

We need to throw both Dems and Republicans the hell out of politics. But, it will never happen.

This poll is taken from the Daily News website. This is why we can't have nice things. See below:

What party's candidate would you chose on an anonymous ballot?
Democrat 44%
Republican 48%
Neither 7%
I'm not sure. 1%

God help us all. Obviously an unscientific poll, but only 7% would want neither. We are all digging our own graves.

Anonymous said...

Time to dump all Assembly members and start from scratch. Vote EVERYONE out in November. Let them try to find jobs, just like the average unemployed people do.

Anonymous said...

For one this came from the Post which HATES the common working man. So I give this piece from the Post one good flush where it belongs with the rest of that news paper.