Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools work at DOT

Since we're still at 64th Street between Grand and Flushing Avenues, I thought we'd take a moment to ponder what the hell DOT was thinking (or drinking) when it painted that crosswalk, created that curb cut and placed that bus stop sign in that configuration and how they all enhance the "Safe Streets to School" debacle across the street.


Anonymous said...

All the Idiots, sons & brother in laws have been putting in fire hydrants with the ports facing the sidewalks as well

Only a small percentage of the workers can read blueprints or have skills.
It seems the test requirement was dropped to curb discrimination lawsuits.

Theodoric said...

Crappy, check out the the directional sign at that intersection. It indicates you must make a right OR left turn.

A right turn is the normal flow of traffic.

A left turn is against traffic into 64 st (which is one way into Grand) or one hell of a u-turn onto Grand ave or Maspeth ave.

One more item for the list.