Thursday, April 8, 2010

Abandoned home in Jamaica trashed

From NY1:

An abandoned home in Jamaica, Queens has residents up in arms.

Neighbors say between 15 and 20 homeless people are living at the property located at 88-18 Burdette Place.

It's been trashed with condoms, empty alcohol bottles and other garbage.

Neighbors are demanding the city step in before someone gets hurt.

Neighborhood residents say they have tried everything from calling 311 to 911, but nothing has been done.

The Buildings Department says Wells Fargo owns the house and it is the bank's responsibility to maintain the property.

Officials from the Department of Homeless Services told NY1 Tuesday that outreach teams are canvassing this neighborhood as a result of the situation.

The New York City Police Department has also promised to step up patrols in the area.

From NY1:

An abandoned building in Jamaica, Queens is now being boarded up by the city, after neighbors complained to NY1 about squatters living inside.

A spokesperson for the Housing Preservation Department said a contractor is at the site sealing the windows and doors and removing garbage.

However, neighbors tell NY1 they are concerned the squatters will break back in.

It is unclear who is responsible for the property.

The Department of Buildings told NY1 on Monday that Wells Fargo owns it, while but Wells Fargo says it is just a trustee.


Anonymous said...

dept. of homeless services - inept and stupid, such as FRAN WINTER

Anonymous said...

Let the homeless squatters maintain and keep the home, but make them pay taxes on it like any other homeowner.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason they're called homeless squatters is that, you know, they don't pay taxes and don't maintain the home. That would make them not like any other homeowner, since they're homeless. Got it?

Anonymous said...

I thought all the homeless people were bribed to go away?

Anonymous said... Burdette Place,Queens&etabs=1