Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Staten Island: Watch out, you're next!

From Curbed:

As prices continue to skyrocket in Brooklyn and Queens, developers have set their eyes on Staten Island. In the coming years, the borough’s North Shore will undergo a massive transformation, with the arrival of one of the world’s tallest observation wheels; the city’s first outlet mall, Empire Outlets; and hundreds of new apartments.

But the North Shore isn’t the only part of the borough undergoing major changes: In the center of the island, what was once the world’s largest landfill is slowly becoming the 2,200-acre Freshkills Park. The largely neglected New York City Farm Colony and Sea View Hospital campuses are being turned into new developments targeted towards seniors. And a massive planned rezoning effort could bring 2,500 new apartments to the borough in the next decade or more.

Doesn't it suck to be "discovered"?


Anonymous said...

Effing horrible, and when its all completed they will triple the taxes and make the bridges $40. One will soon not be able to afford to own a single family home in NYC anymore unless they take home $300K+ a year or are willing to live like bee hive colony's.
The Asians are already doing this, they work 12+ hours and day pool there money to buy more. Houses are only for sleeping. They will soon be everybody's landlords because our millennials refuse to study fields that will land them paying jobs and skills.
Liberal arts, music and making finger-paint don't pay.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Staten Island, nobody wants to live in Bumfuck-Nowhere USA.

The reason Queens and Brooklyn are popular is because of their proximity to Manhattan via foot, train, bus and car.

If anything its the Bronx that continues to undergo extensive gentrification.

Rob in Manhattan said...

"Doesn't it suck to be "discovered"?"

Yep, and it's gonna such even more to be the old GOP "boys" once the influx of young-and-affluent start to displace the "Vinnys" and "Louies".

Ironically, it'll be good old market capitalism that does it, too.

Rob in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Was only a matter of time. Did you think the new ferry terminal, ferris wheel and baseball stadium would go un-noticed? They are spurring development.

Anonymous said...

Staten island you need to unite against these scumbag "developers" who will destroy your neighborhoods with fedders specials. Look to what has happened in Queens over the years. Dont let it happen to you guys too.

Anonymous said...

Bronx is next not Staten Island. Staten Island is too difficult to commute from.

Anonymous said...

>They will soon be everybody's landlords because our millennials refuse to study fields that will land them paying jobs and skills. Liberal arts, music and making finger-paint don't pay.

That what the trust fund hipsters who are driving up our rents study. They don't have to worry about getting a job. Most kids going to CUNY study things that will make them money. We can't afford to do anything else.

Anonymous said...

2500 apartments? That's nothing compared to what Queens is getting.

Aggravated Alto said...

Did they have that special sale of Staten Island legislators to the developers yet? I'm sure they have, so Staten Island is up for grabs. Look at the history of Queens since the 1980s.

JQ LLC said...

All this is madness. These neoliberal idiots, from the developers to the electeds, who I assume are believers in the extreme effects of climate change, see absolutely nothing insane about putting a humongous ferris wheel on the coast in addition to a concert hall. These idiots don't expect another major hurricane to arrive again or even the rising sea levels?

Have these dopes been to Lake Ontario upstate, even Mario's son has. Do they remember that New Jersey roller coaster standing half deep in the water 6 years ago.

Other than stating the obvious, this is going to fail big time. Unless every hipshit in the nation and from Asia, India Russia and Europe are going to pilgrimage to this city, these are going to be fucking deserted.

@ facetious Rob, you don't think the Louie's and Vinnie's have kids of their own. If You think the majority of the public is embracing this hipshit zeitgeist, you are sadly mistaken.

facetious Rob said...

"Facetious" Rob here with news for you; the Louies and Vinnys are the ones selling their precious parcels to developers..or doing it themselves.

S.I. is mostly "family owned" -in all sense of the phrase.

Whenever types like carp about this sort of thing, some of which I agree with, you should remember that when someone sells the house they worked 20-30 years to pay-off, they are looking to get as much out of that deal as they can.

When you look to change zoning covenants to restrict this sort of thing it will inevitably pit you against some of your neighbors looking to "make a killing".

Rob in Manhattan

JQ LLC said...

@ rob in manhattan

point taken. apologies for the tag.

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's so simple why the market in the 5 boroughs esp Queens and Brooklyn are going up. CHINESE! Where are the most asian populated counties? Queens and Brooklyn and then now maybe staten island. Staten Island is getting hot because the Chinese are residing there. Not only residing, but they Chinese are buying there because prices in Queens and Brooklyn are so damn expensive.

As the saying goes. "No Chinese, no Real estate market".

Not to mention in the past those money are launder from there to here from what I heard. Now the prices are overshooting and no one is buying that high prices because the money are drying up. China is restricting outward cash flow and they cannot buy real estate in the USA with it. (Although there are loopholes like oh my relative's kid is in college in the USA and need money to transfer in, etc.. but you need proof).

Thus, no chinese, no real estate market. It's the truth.

You say bronx? But problem is chinese aren't buying bronx as much. Thus you see a slow rise in price.