Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Zombie home causes neighbors to get fines

From CBS:

To some it’s been referred to as a zombie house in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, but the battle is heating up now that some residents are being told they have to help pay for repairs that fall on shared property.

Neighbors have called the property an eyesore, a mosquito haven, and even a drug house for at least ten years on Schley Avenue. Since 2008, the house has had two absentee owners and even went into foreclosure.

The home is currently privately owned by Eric Totoram and now, neighbors say they’re at their wits end.

Margaret Alverez is one of three residents who share a retaining wall with the property and have now received a citation from the city saying they need to repair the wall.


(sarc) said...

At least the attorneys will profit from this mess.

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Anonymous said...

"Zombie" house is an insult to zombies. there is abetter, more descriptive term for it but decorum prevents its use.

Anonymous said...

I[s small (low taxes)Id like to by and restore it