Wednesday, May 17, 2017

That's some pile of trash!

From PIX11:

A spokesperson with the Department of Sanitation said the agency "sent an officer to the location who was granted access to the neighbor’s property at 184-07 to take additional photos. It appears 184-09 is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health for the following reasons: it could be rodent infestation, it is private property which DSNY cannot enter, there is a structure on the property, and the trash and debris is not visible from the street. A DSNY inspector will return tomorrow to assess if any Sanitation action can be taken."

A Health Department spokesperson said they "take rodent complaints seriously. We are sending an inspector to the site and we will coordinate with the Department of Sanitation on next steps.”


JQ LLC said...

Monie cracks me up. "you can see insects", she sounds like a nursery school teacher. Shine up and start monogramming those emmys and pulitzers.

That is some pile of trash, it looks like it's two stories high. It can actually be repurposed for affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

Why dont they quarantine that house? All of jamaica needs to be quarantined and cleaned up! Most of the people in that area seem to be disgusting and dirty. Too many lowlives and crackheads live in that area and its disgusting.

Joe Moretti said...

It never ends in this garbage strewn ghetto of Jamaica, does not matter if it is the downtown area, South Jamaica, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, St. Albans, etc., too many ghetto slobs with no pride or respect for the community or neighbors as the latest garbage catastrophe in Hollis shows. So really what does this say about communities of color.

AND again, another unacceptable answer from one of our local elected officials:

Councilmember Daneek Miller told PIX11 News that “while this is a private property we have been working with the Department of Sanitation and asked a local non-profit to support the cleanup efforts.”

REALLY, you have been working on this, according to the two gentleman in the video below, they have said this is going on for a year. I am surprised he did not say the usual “We are aware of it”.

As Senator Tony Avella stated in a Queens Courier article about a major Flushing sinkhole that the city has been ignoring (

“Unfortunately, it is no surprise that this administration is unable to address many of New York City’s significant issues, if it cannot even repair a sinkhole,” the letter noted. “On behalf of all New York City residents, please start doing your job.”

AND why do the majority of us tolerate these lackey elected officials like our Mayor doing so very little for the hard working people of NYC. Do I need to remind everyone, they work for us, we are their bosses, we pay their salary and wonderful benefits. SO why are so many of you so fucking STUPID and putting the same shit in over and over and then never holding any of them accountable.

In a white area, 311 would be flooded with complaints and elected officials phones would be ringing, here in Jamaica, only a handful stand up and make complaints, while to the majority of folks, this is just the norm.

Anonymous said...

Face it - everywhere NYC is getting cleaned up and tidy - take google earth around Harlem, the Bronx, etc.

Now go to Queens - a spreading slum. More and more areas looking like garbage.

Think of that the next time you see your smirking politician bewail that they got only 99.7% of the vote.