Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ferries not the best way to go

From Crains:

New York City has launched its new ferry service.

The NYC Ferry service started Monday with a Rockaway, Queens, route . The area got priority because residents there have some of the city's longest commutes.

The launch also included a previously existing East River route with refurbished ferries.

NYC Ferry will get a South Brooklyn route on June 1. An Astoria, Queens, route begins in August, followed by Lower East Side and Bronx routes in 2018. An estimated 4.6 million passengers a year are expected to use the ferries, which will cut travel times by as much as two-thirds.

From the NY Post:

Lots of transit professionals don’t like ferries. They can’t carry anywhere near as many people as subways can. De Blasio’s ferries will carry 4.6 million people a year, while the subways carry 6 million people a day. Even the Citi Bikes carry 10 million people a year.

Plus, the ferries can’t serve the whole city: Only half a million New Yorkers live within a half-mile of the new landings.


Anonymous said...

Like Cuomo, who in the last few years appears on TV at every opportunity to "manage" Metro North disasters (funny, don't ever recall NY Governors of the past having the leisure time to do this), Mayor Big Dope also sees his political future in bestowing great un-needed transportation improvements at the taxpayer's expense. Meanwhile, the daily volume of both solid and liquid human waste deposited in the subway continues to climb, and the number of sidewalk "campers" in mid-town increases weekly.

JQ LLC said...

This happened on DAY 1 in shitty overpriced williamsburg. Good luck using these jalopies when the L shuts down suckers.


Anonymous said...

My friends in the Rockaways swear by their ferry. That far out, it seems to make sense.

faster340 said...

How many times have they tried this ferry crap only to find it was even able to sustain itself financially?

ferry said...

I also was skeptical at first, but the ferry is a good alternative and better than a rush our train everyday.