Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DOE parking placards ripe for abuse

From CBS 2:

Mayor Bill de Blasio was under fire Monday evening for a new gift to school employees.

As CBS Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, there has been a dramatic increase in free parking permits. Kramer also reported there were numerous abuses before the new permits even hit the streets.

“Historically, anyone with a (parking) placard in their car abuses that placard,” said former city Traffic Commissioner Sam Schwartz, better known as “Gridlock Sam.”

And CBS2 found numerous abuses even before de Blasio has doled out numerous new parking placards.

A Chevrolet with a Department of Education placard that expired three years ago in 2014 parked in a no zone for Health Department vehicles.

Other cars with DOE permits were seen parked in a no standing zone, and others still were seen just parked on the school sidewalk.

None of the drivers got parking tickets.


(sarc) said...

These parking placards provide a triple return from our comrade, the Mayor.

First, it should inspire the teachers' union to get out and vote for Wilhhelm.

Second, is the daily double, all the people with the placards will take parking from the lowly serfs, increasing the misery factor of the city's motorists.

Thirdly, with all the parking spots commandeered by the enlightened intelligencia, it will be easier for those issuing summons to the peasants, with or without the so called quotas, hopefully increasing revenue that may be directed to the generous donors running the homeless shelter systems.

Brilliant I say, just BRILLIANT!!!

Anonymous said...

So Deblasio is trying to buy votes for re election by doing this. Parking is already a HUGE disaster here in Maspeth. Bright ideas...bike lanes and bioswales. Over crowding neighbors by overdevelopment.
I truly hope some one runs against you and gets booted from city hall.
This city is going to pots real fast.

Anonymous said...

That's not abuse. I work for the city. That is MY RIGHT to park wherever and whenever I please!

Obeying the law is for the 'little people'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is abuse, but it's counterintuitive that giving out more placards REDUCES the number of parking spots, when it in most obviously does the opposite. By giving out more placards, they enable a subset of drivers who are government employees to use spots previously forbidden to them, which frees up more of the limited general parking to the average citizen.

Crusseau said...

Uh, no shit.

Anonymous said...

Good, if they park in restricted spaces, that means more legal parking for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

How is it that BOE employees are encouraged to take their private cars but the rest of us swine are being told to use mass transit to help the environment. Is there some unknown reason that teachers can't ride a bus or train? Instead of parking placards how about reduced fare Metro Cards.

Anonymous said...

There were 50,000 additional placards issued! Does anybody really think that there are that many restricted government spots? So let me ask this question: when somebody who previously used mass transportation decides to drive into work with their brand new placard and finds that all the "government" issued spots are taken, do they turn around and drive back home? Or, do they now park in a general parking spot?

Anonymous said...

One of my older cousins had her foot amputated. She has been trying to get a handicapped placard or license plate for years, but they have been telling her she is not eligible for it.

A lot of people know about this, and it had dissuaded many people from trying to get a handicapped placard/plate, since if someone with an amputated foot is having trouble getting it, they figure that their weakness from cancer and such won't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

us little people pay your salary. Our taxes.

Anonymous said...

>One of my older cousins had her foot amputated. She has been trying to get a handicapped placard or license plate for years, but they have been telling her she is not eligible for it.

What is their reasoning? I'd really like to hear the excuse they give.