Saturday, May 20, 2017

De Blasio makes up reasons to support terrorist

From the Daily News:

A group representing Hispanic police officers will boycott next month's Puerto Rican Day Parade to protest a decision by organizers to honor a controversial nationalist jailed for his connection to a string of deadly bombings.

While Oscar López Rivera is seen as a hero in some circles, he is still regarded as a terrorist by others, including many cops who hold him and his Puerto Rican independence group responsible for the 1975 bombing at Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan that killed four people.

Also from the Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio said he will march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade as usual this year, when the event honors Oscar López Rivera — who spent decades in prison for his work with a group that set off deadly bombs in New York City.

“It’s a complicated situation for several reasons. The organization he was affiliated with did things I don’t agree with obviously and that were illegal. He has, however, renounced terrorism,” de Blasio said. “He was pardoned by two United States Presidents. I think that speaks volumes. He also was a Vietnam veteran. He is someone who served this country even though he had real political differences over how Puerto Rico was being treated.”

“I don’t agree with the way he did it. But he did serve his time. He was pardoned appropriately,” de Blasio said. “He has renounced violence. So I’m going to do everything I would normally do with the parade.”

Fact check:

  • Lopez-Rivera actually was offered an early release in 1999 by Bill Clinton if he would renounce terrorism. He refused. When Obama commuted his sentence, he did not ask that of Lopez-Rivera. Lopez-Rivera has never renounced terrorism.
  • Lopez-Rivera was never pardoned by any president. He was offered clemency.


JQ LLC said...

Usually I support controversial freedom fighters that seem to have unjustifiably imprisoned, Mumia abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier comes to mind. But this guy these elected and appointed imbeciles are celebrating is an unapologetic killer. I don't know the actual reason he got sprung besides Obama being a prick and his decision was a pandering thank you to his voter base (the guy could have legalized pot with a last second executive order but he decided to release this supposed hero)

De faustio knows this guy is scum but, and this is despite that Quinnpiac poll, he desperately needs the votes of the Puerto Rican communities. Although I doubt the hispanic residents of East Harlem, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Williamsburg, And East New York who have been disenfranchised from their towns or are currently struggling to keep up with the costs of living in them will see his endorsement of this killer as the ruse it is.(one can hope)

Anonymous said...

These are the same folks who praise Nelson Mandela as a freedom fight while forgetting he engaged in terrorism, google "Necklacing" in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Let's recall that Council Speaker Mark-Viverito would refuse to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance as a protest, because she wanted Puerto Rico be granted independence.

In he Know said...

Wesley Cook, aka Mumia abu Jamal, and Leonard Peltier are convicted cop killers.

Are you nuts?

Deke DaSilva said...

Funny how for years these Puerto Rican cry babies wanted independence from Uncle Sam, but now that they are knee deep in debt, they're crying to become the 51st State.

Grant them their independence, send them all back to Puerto Rico, and revoke their citizenship!

Anonymous said...

Both Leonard Peltier and Mumia abu Jamal (Wesley Cook) are fucking murders.

They both should have been executed long ago.

Anonymous said...

I know this is "old news", but I doubt it is well known.

JQ LLC said...

I should have emphasized the word seem.

I based my opinion on the conflicting stories and testimonies on their trials and the contributions they made as journalists and activism, including the time incarcerated. I do not think they should be released from prison. I derive this from the Birdman Of Alcatraz, who contributed more in his life and society being imprisoned than he did on the outside when he murdered a person.

Apologies for any impression that I condone their actions which are still under scrutiny.

I also don't support that woman Mario's son pardoned, Judith Clark

Gary W said...

That asshole wanted to turn PR into another Cuba. Fuck commies and Marxists. Only in NYC would we celebrate and honor assholes like this. Do they even teach in school how miserable and failed these ideologies are?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the clafication, just one small tweak...

Leonard Peltier ~~ in his 1999 memoir, Peltier admitted that he fired at the agents, but denies that he fired the fatal shots that killed them. I am so sick of people suggesting that convicted killers are innocent because "we JUST FOUND OUT" that they weren't the trigger person.

You show up at a crime scene, take ANY PART of the crime, someone dies, YOU ARE FUCKING GUILTY. END OF STORY.

This has (rightly) been American law for decades due to mob and gangs that always protected each other by pointing in a circle so that they all got to kill with no convictions.

Prosecution witnesses identified Abu-Jamal as the shooter, and two persons testified that he had confessed to shooting Faulkner. A jury convicted Abu-Jamal on all counts and sentenced him to death. He should be dead.

Judith Clark should have been executed long ago. Guilty as sin.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon,

I am starting to reevaluate my opinion on Mumia when I read that he had a empty shoulder holster when he was found. That was something that people left out all those years I listened to NPR. Apparently, Peltier was more an accomplice than a murderer, so he deserves to remain in prison.

If people in authoritative positions wouldn't be overzealous in their prosecutions we could save a lot of headaches.

Anonymous said...

You'd feel a lot different if it was your relative who was murdered. Overzealous prosecutions? The criminal justice system is so bad, until you need it to give you justice. Just like these liberal judges who refuse to adhere to the law when sentencing sex offenders, they'd change their tune if it was their child/grandchild being molested or a nude image of them being transmitted all over the world.

Anonymous said...

I say Puerto Rico should have its independence. Then, there should be severe restrictions on immigration from Puerto Rico. Then, maybe our crime rate would plunge dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Read:"DAYS OF RAGE"Bryan Burroughs.a dictionary of communist /maoist revolutionaries
1965-80. And where they are in 2017.Most are teaching their Marxist ideas to your children& G.children.He made a few errors ,especially about the unsolved bombing og LGA/Airpt/TWA baggage area.17 k.i.a 70 injured.12/17/1975.Just when FALN bombed others.Holidays.see NYT

Anonymous said...

Also read "The N.Y.Observor on line " John Schindler. Lga Bombing Christmas week ,12/27/75 11 killed.70 injured. AN UPDATE. Faln was building bombs @e.elmhurst
across from LGA. Morrellas had his fingers blown off according to DAYS OF RAGE.