Monday, May 1, 2017

Another Caliendo special is underway


Plans for an oddly shaped five-story, mixed-use building on the edge of Ridgewood were approved last month by the Department of Buildings (DOB).

Diagrams show that half of the proposed U-shaped building — located at 62-41 Forest Ave., formerly part of the long-defunct Boss Motors car dealership — will be five stories, while the other half only rises four stories; and the dividing line cuts through the lot diagonally.

his division of stories is necessary because the plot of land sits in two distinct zones that, in examining the building plans, seem to be the result of a mapped, yet unbuilt portion of Greene Avenue. This swath cuts through the property on a bias.

As a result, the portion of the building closest to the neighboring Walgreens pharmacy is in an R6B zone with a C2-4 overlay, which allows for the five stories. The other portion of the building further away from the pharmacy is in an R5B zone, only allowing for four stories.

According to the plans, the proposed building will come with a cellar, 44 dwelling units, and 23 parking spaces — 15 parking spaces and eight accessory off street parking spots — along with 23 bicycle parking spots.

You may remember this property from a 2014 post and a 2013 post right here on QC.


(sarc) said...

Sounds to me that that this landowner is following the the maze of regulations put into place by the bureaucrats.

We should all be thankful to the landowner and the bureaucrats for instituting such wonderful regulations!

I am so pleased that there will be an enormous bicycle rack...

Anonymous said...

This BLOG is getting so boring.Can you post anything truly interesting.

Anonymous said...

> and 23 parking spaces — 15 parking spaces and eight accessory off street parking spots

"off street parking spaces"

Does that mean the rest of the parking spaces are "on-street parking spaces" - i.e. regular parking? If so, that means it only comes with 8 parking spaces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, boring boring boring.

Lets talk about that Chinese dance troupe touring Flushing Town Hall and how Thai and Siekh festivals are the same week (giggle)

There will be a new Peruvian restaurant ... good God, just forget it

faster340 said...

Sorry this blog doesn't have enough Facebook excitement for you. Take your narrow mind back over there!

Anonymous said...

The fact the Calliendo is getting awards, has a position of public trust in a Queens Community Board, and is getting a pass from the city-wide preservation community because he has one of their darlings has a staffer doing Victorian teas as a cuts a swath through the tattered remnants of Queens is simply and completely unacceptable.

I can see clearly now said...

Nice try Caliendo and your ass-kissing flunkies. We still have your number.