Sunday, May 21, 2017

SROs: not just for poor people anymore!

There are now "luxury" SROs in this town as reported by the NY Times.

I gotta get outta here.


georgetheatheist said...

Now wasn't the Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken House in Astoria which preservationists wish to save from the wrecking ball a Single Room Occupancy? (And still is.)

Since we have in the Lower East Side a Tenement Museum. the Dulcken House is the ideal candidate for an - SRO Museum. Hipsters and trustafarians are sure to get on board.

Constantinides. You reading this?

Anonymous said...

It's a jail cell, plain and simple.

JQ LLC said...

This will not stand. This hipshit contagion must be destroyed.

This is total validation that these stupid imbeciles, with their lame pursuits and even decent paying jobs are ruining the city with their frivolous spending habits and submissive tolerance for small living space at high costs.

Maybe these hipshits can afford to live here if they weren't obsessed with living in places were they are told are trendy and didn't waste money buying artisan crap, designer fast food and craft beers, and eating avocados daily and cutting themselves.

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC Yes"submissive tolerance" can go for most Americans. Look at voter turn-out numbers the American public have become Sheeple and vote for the candidate that the main stream/ fake news tells them to vote for every November ! We need term limits to end the cycle of the American people being brain washed into believing in a two party system.

Anonymous said...

People need to work and they need to live.
Go point your finger at someone else.

How dare they have decent paying jobs! How dare they! They should turn down these jobs and look for something worse because that makes sense to no one.


JQ LLC said...

Way to simplify and defend this morons.

These "people" you snarkily defend are the on the ground reason why affordablility in the 5 boroughs has become impossible. The reason these idiots are willing to spend 2 grand a month to live in a ROOM is that they don't want to give up their frivolous spending or disposable income habits.

And now there is a luxury market for slum living, just throw in some furniture from west elm and ethan allen for the suckers yearning to live in their juvenile mental states.

>>>anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

It's not affordable because there are a lot of high paying jobs , a lot of people and not of enough places to live .

They can spent 2 grand a month for a room if they want to. No one is making you love there . You can move to jersey or the middle of Long Island or Jamaica queens .

Stringing adjectives together in long redundant sentences doesn't make you sound smarter .


JQ LLC said...

Condoning a housing scheme to rip off willfully ignorant, image and status obsessed morons doesn't make you sound smart either.

Not enough places to live? At least 50 mixed use 80/20 buildings have gone up in the past year. These so called affordable housing towers were built for these idiots. It's starting to look like they even can't qualify for them.

>>>Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

If they are 'willfully ignorant' then they are not being ripped off. Because like, they willfully decided to be ignorant about the scheme.

"They" built these building specifically for "these" idiots who didn't qualify? Yeah "they" ordered the city to build them and then they didn't qualify. They are so dumb. It was all their fault. You don't make any sense but you are really trying. You get an 'A' for that.


JQ LLC said...

They are being ripped off. Thanks for validating my opinion

There have been reports about people having trouble qualifying for the "affordable housing" mostly among the poorest applicants, which massively outnumber the ratio for those applying for the market rate apts. The funny thing is that these developers are having such trouble selling the market rate apts that they are bringing down the rates for them

You have your opinion, and I have mine, keep flaming this thread all you want, anon, I am done. Thanks for your grade.

Anonymous said...

The tax payers don't want to pay for affordable housing and the developers aren't going to built it on their own . The developers will make their money . We are in a city where a family is looking for 1 unit and the British embassy is looking for a hundred .