Monday, May 1, 2017

This is what The Delta is

Always wondered just what the hell this was supposed to be and finally looked it up:
The Delta is the 1st building in NYC to be 100% powered by solar and utilizes many renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies that significantly decrease it's energy use by more then 75% compared with the average building.

Voltaic Solaire's goal with the project: "If we can develop a building that powers itself, on an unusual triangular lot in one of the most code-heavy cities in the world, our hope is to serve as a model, and inspire other developers around the world to do the same."
You can supposedly take a tour of it, too.


JQ LLC said...

It's also ugly as sin.

So since this thing will be drawing energy from the sun, it will be affordable right?

Anonymous said...

Years ago I predicted that with increased use of solar power "the powers that be" (government) would find a way to tax us on the sun. Its just a matter of time for the schiesters in our government to make up some law to fill their pockets.