Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Parks Dept dumps Vivaldi's

From QNS:

The historic Bayside mansion near the Throgs Neck Bridge that’s been one of the neighborhood’s most popular eateries through the years will be under new management later this month, a city agency said.

According to Parks Department spokesperson Meghan Lalor, the restaurant at 201-10 Cross Island Pkwy., a former mansion that silent film actor Rudolph Valentino and former Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia once called home, will begin operating as Vivo Mediterranean Grille on Wednesday, May 24. The site is currently operated as Vivaldi’s Ristorante by 123 Restaurant Group.

Gieto Nicaj and Paul Nicaj, two relatives who are also well-established in the New York City food and beverage industry, will run operations at the soon-to-be Vivo Mediterranean Grille. Paul Nicaj, who resides in Whitestone , operates Battery Gardens Restaurant in Manhattan.

Vivaldi’s will continue to operate at the site until May 23, and Vivo Mediterranean Grille will open the following day, ensuring that there won’t be any service disruptions, according to the Parks Department.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful architecture. When will the LPC vote to preserve this building?

Anonymous said...

This doesn't look like much of a change. Paul Nicaj is listed as part of thew 123 Restaurant Group which is running Vivaldi. Looks mor like same owner different style restaurant.

Anonymous said...

This once historic structure looks like it been altered to ugly hell and will soon be condos. Without mobsters or Helen Marshall & Estelle Cooper treating special friends to dinner with taxpayer $$ and embezzled NY State Pavilion fundraiser money who the hell in Queens has $150-$200 a plate for crocks of wine and Chicken Marsala ?

Another PR secretary crock of crap from the parks dept
This is a shill for a future flip in the works !!

Anonymous said...

The historic Bayside mansion near the Throgs Neck Bridge

Yeah, but don't go there expecting a view of the bridge or the water - all you can see are cars entering/exiting.

(sarc) said...

Will we be voting to maintain the "historic" menu and approve changes???

Anonymous said...

In Reality,the residents of Queens DUMPED NYC Parks & Franchise depts.,after they demonized the J.Franco Stellar operated Banquet hall years ago.The NYC Depts & taxpayers lost possibly Millions of $$$$ in rental interest fees fron Café on the Park.Franco provided great service & excllent food.
The public turned thumbs down on all the wannabe ("CAFES).
Good luck to the new operators.Battery Gdns in NYC is an excellent operation.Mgt. is professional.