Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mob tries to prevent ICE from arresting burglar

From NBC:

Dozens of residents banded together Tuesday to try to stop federal immigration agents from arresting an undocumented man wanted by police for burglary, according to reports.
The neighbors gathered on 112th Street in Richmond Hill as ICE agents were arresting 35-year-old Hardat Sampat.

Sampat is accused of burglary and re-entering the U.S. illegally, according to The Daily News. He was on his way to Queens Criminal Court Tuesday morning for a scheduled appearance when ICE agents in unmarked cars boxed him in and took him into custody.


Anonymous said...

ICE should send in their troops to that section of Queens. There must be thousands of illegals living there. Just look at all of the illegally altered houses. It's so obvious.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a CROOK and our politicians want to spend our tax dollars protecting him!

It's time to run all of these jerks out of office.

Sanctuary city no more.

Anonymous said...

Interfering with law enforcement when they have a warrant for buglary? Keep up the lunacy like this is you want Trump 2020.

(sarc) said...

It is comforting to see federal government law enforcement officials actually working, and not just consuming large quantities of donuts!

I am hopeful that the immigration status of those protesters, who were impeding an investigation conducted by a law enforcement agency, were properly investigated.


Is this "bad hombre" being deported because he lost his drivers license and birth certificate, or illegal re-entry after a previous deportation?

Per the law of the land, that if a felony with jail time.

"an undocumented man wanted by police for burglary"

Doing jobs Americans will not do...

Gary W said...

Queens Values=Protecting criminals.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag is a thug, burglar AND a vandal who was already deported and came back to do the same shit. This sends a great message to illegals that it aint safe in New York.
Its about time, Thank god for Donald Trump.

This piece of shit Sampat was also in a Florida federal prison facing assault charges five years ago, but came to New York after some Obama released him and 70,000 other illegal alien criminals bus tickets. Most came to straight to New York City, Brentwood, New Haven and Boston BTW

Joe said...

Some confusion because NBC's editors "sterilized" 1/2 the story.
This so called "poor undocumented family man" is much worse then the public is being led to believe. He also beat and robbed elderly in a Florida and was in federal prison for that 5 years ago.
Here is a less edited version of this career criminal scumbags story and I'm sure the daily news edited facts as well.

Anonymous said...

Love the crying wife, "he didn't do anything" but "he has a court date today".

Joe Moretti said...

Shows the mentality of what we have living in Queens and why Queens and especially SE Queens is a shit hole. About 30 Richmond Hill Residents were shouting and trying to stop Federal agents from arresting Hardat Sampat from Guyana.

Let’s look at the background of Sampat, the fine upstanding illegal citizen that he is.

Sampat, five years ago, was charged with second-degree burglary and agreed to be deported to Guyana when he was in Florida prison facing ASSAULT CHARGES, but came back to the USA ILLEGALLY. Then several weeks ago, he was arrested for burglarizing a home in Rockaway and also vandalized the apartment.

And as one person stated, “He’s a loving father, uncle, son” and he may well be, but he also is here illegally and committed crimes, so yes, he deserve to be shipped out of the country.

Figures, he would end up in SE Queens and figure 30 Richmond Hill residents would attempt to block his arrest AND that is why Queens and SE Queens is the way it is. I mean look at the place behind Melissa Rivera, a friend of Sampat. Old couch sitting out in front with crap on it and cheap crappy doors on the place with no security doors, typical SE Queens ghetto crap

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this city? This man is ILLEGAL AND A CRIMINAL MULTIPLE TIMES OVER.... Why is this so hard to comprehend?

Anonymous said...

Protect our burglers! Burlers' Lives Matter!
Stupid libtards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HAPPY DAY. Love it. Thank you Mr. Trump, you are doing a GREAT JOB.
Now arrest any one who tried to stop ICE.

ICE do a check on the number 7 train every single day and I will be so very happy.

Anonymous said...

The wife is sickening. Investigate her as an accessory to the crimes. Investigate them for government benefits fraud.

Anonymous said...

"Queens Values" those are Jimmy Van Bramer's favorite words - NOT -

Anonymous said...

Throw that bad hombre out!

Anonymous said...

I love how NBC deliberately left out footage not to show the faces of that mob because most of them are likely illegal criminals also.
What the hell is wrong with these news people and parent company's protecting these criminal trespassers any way they can, including make every attempt to steer the public through pre-production editing and heavy censorship.

I'm sure NBC cameras had a good 10 minutes of that disorder, law breaking including interfering with the duty of police & federal agents to enforce the law.
Countless law's broken by dozens of people, facts hidden in order to portray some thug criminal and his crying woman as victims.
WHAT STINKIN BULLSHIT, news people my ass !!!

JQ LLC said...

What I find interesting about this is that these people know the political climate under Figurehead Trump and the ramping and rounding up of illegal immigrants, even the ones Trump promised not to detain to get their votes, and this schmuck still came back to N.Y.

If anything and considering his line of work in construction, this moron was probably encouraged to come back because how the hell else are all these towers that were rubber stamped and fast tracked were going to be built.

And Joe is right, NBC did water down the story and made the culprit the victim. Sob stories like this are really popular these days, and NBC is just as bad as fox with reporting first and clarifying later, if they even do the latter.

And lax immigration laws and enforcement did make this jerk feel emboldened to come back and commit crimes.

But the guy should have went to court first. These detainments are making this worse and it's going to lead to expensive lawsuits.

Julie B. said...

I'm always amazed at the people who after risking life and limb to get here, leave to visit family, etc. Then try to get back in like it's no big deal--they wonder why they get caught. Heck, if I made it here in one piece, I'd never leave.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get these scumbags out of this country. Vote the scumbag politicians that protect these POS out of office. Better yet don't vote. Now that will confuse this corrupt system to no end.

Anonymous said...

"But the guy should have went to court first. These detainments are making this worse and it's going to lead to expensive lawsuits"

Once the a NYC Sheriff has custody of the scumbag the feds cant grab him and the whole stakeout operation is wasted. Yes idea is to make it expensive as hell for the city, churches, and assorted activist judges and organizations to protect these scumbags.
Because Congress wont act on gutting federal funding --So I think Trumps idea is to find other ways make it super expensive and labor intensive for sanctuary citys to operate. $$mack and crush them in the wallet.
What is the city gonna do now that the feds are grabbing scumbags at their own houses and in the street. Build condos and a special police force overnight to house and protect them ? Where will they get all that space and secure it ? Buy them cruise ship ?
Thank god Trump is not Obama or the Bush family

Anonymous said...

What's really scary is that NYPD policy is not to cooperate with ICE if they need assistance. These officers safety is at stake and fellow officers sworn to uphold the law are told to not respond to help. Something is wrong in Bizzaroland.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage wrote a book a few yrs. ago ."LIBERALISM IS AN ILLNESS".
Was he correct?

Check out some of the Dem.pols..also K. Griffin(SO_CALLED COMEDIENNE.

Anonymous said...

#IllegalBurglerLivesMatter! Don't they?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they just pick him up outside the courthouse?

"ICE agents in unmarked cars boxed the vehicle he was in and took him into custody. His wife, who was in the driver's seat, refused to move the vehicle, blocking ICE agents from driving away."

If they boxed her in, how could she stop them from driving away? I don't trust NBCs reporting here.

Joe said...

>>I don't trust NBCs reporting here<<

LOL, I worked at NBC and OH BOY if the public only knew what goes on !!
No longer trust reporting from any of them because #1 the Mayors office holds all their permits to operate in NYC. --from simple press credentials to all professional photography
The mayor wants all illegal immigrants and minority projected in a positive light and every editor has a hot VPN connection to the mayors office press secretary for approval.
--one must not upset the mayor or anybody the mayor is in co-hoots with. Its a very delicate situation.
With NBC its perhaps the WORST of all of them because it trickles all the way down to NBCs "big poppa" Comcast who is yearning to get their cable TV & internet mitts onto every pole, home and business in NYC. Now add WNBC, channel 4 actual studios and broadcast transmitters owned-and-operated by Duopoly Broadcasting (Linden NJ, who is actually TELEMUNDO WNJU (channel 47) who holds 95% of NYC Spanish speaking viewing audience. Its called **SPECIAL INTERESTS**

Now connect all the above dots and you can understand what NBC (aka Comcast) and other big gorilla media corporations are doing and why

Telecommunications deregulation has been a complete disaster and its only going to get worse. Soon all Broadcast TV, Cable and Internet news in America will be liken to the pre-approved, scrubbed, sterilized & edited news viewers in North Korea get.
Its real effed up and only going to get worse.


Anonymous said...

typical, low class indo-guyanese

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Guyanese