Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Human Rights Commissioner got boyfriend a contract

From the Daily News:

The second-in-command at the city agency that goes after local businesses for bad hiring practices is resigning from her job after investigators looked into a sweetheart contract she gave her lover — a man once described as “quite possibly the sexiest man in New York.”

Melissa Woods, first deputy commissioner and general counsel at the Human Rights Commission, tendered her resignation following revelations that she had gotten her artist and singer boyfriend a no-bid consulting contract at her agency that paid him $12,750, according to sources.

Woods gave notice two weeks ago, but she is officially leaving in June.

Her resignation comes after the city Department of Investigation opened a probe into her actions on behalf of the Conflicts of Interest Board, according to sources.


JQ LLC said...

This story is hilarious. The alleged sexiest man in NYC apparently needed city cash to maintain his pseudo-pop star lifestyle.

Never mind the human rights of the middle class and working poor striving to live in the same city as her shithead boyfriend, spending 2/3 of their salary in property taxes, rent, food and bills.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the issue is here. It sounds like she did something wrong, but later in the article it says that she bought approval from the conflicts of interest board in advance of giving him the contract. The approval was granted but she was still disciplined?

"The commission said that in late January, Woods informed agency leadership she had gotten Byrd the contract.
She also told them that she had cleared the contract with the Conflicts of Interest Board, according to the commission.
The commission said that, as a precaution, agency leadership followed up with the board, which advises city workers government rules and ethics questions. The commission said the board confirmed that it had approved Woods granting the award.
However, the leadership at the Human Rights Commission still stripped Woods of her duties as chief contracting office."

JQ LLC said...

The issue might be that the city needs convenient scapegoats to throw under the bus to overlook the dastardly deeds of Mayor De Faustio. Hey is Ponte still jail commissioner?

Queens Crapper said...

The problem is that there appears to be a coverup. The Board never said in this article that it approved it. The Commission said that the Board approved it. Show us the written proof.

Anonymous said...

The daily News article has her picture, but not the picture of the “quite possibly the sexiest man in New York.”

Gary W said...

Why does NYC have a "Human Rights Commission" in the first place? The US Constitution isn't good enough for us..LOL

How about a "lets fix the potholes commission"

Anonymous said...

What is the problem?

That is why you take a government job! The spoils!

Thank you Andrew Jackson, father of the modern Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't be much of a shock considering our president appointed his own daughter as his persona advisor and his son in law to a very important White House role. We are becoming just like a third world country where leaders hiring their our own family members. Even though Ivanka & Jared are not receiving a dime of tax payer money, they are in positions of influence and that alone is going to make them more marketable and $$PROFITABLE$$

Cats said...

quite possibly the sexiest man in New York

John Catsimatidis?