Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The fight for the light

From PIX11:

Go for a walk around New York City and you probably will pass right by 217 East 51st Street.

It's a tiny slice of this big place. It's tucked between Second and Third Avenues in Midtown Manhattan.

Trees spread out and green plants lounge on the walls as they soak in the light.

And yes, there's a waterfall. The sound bounces off the buildings that border the place.

Sunlight streams in, at certain times of the day. Time marches on and the nearby buildings sometimes offer shade.

But the sunlight seems to be diminished, as more taller buildings rise around this particular block and in the distance.

"There's a greater Midtown-East Rezoning Plan. We're concerned there will be buildings that will block the light in the park in the afternoon," Gail Caulkins said.

Some building owners, officials and planners have said Midtown zoning needs to be updated to keep up with the commercial area.

Greenacre Foundation commissioned its own study of the light. Supporters believe the taller buildings will cast too big a shadow.

...elected leaders have acknowledged the current fight as the zoning process continues.

This light is not something that will go quietly, if the people who enjoy the space have anything to say about it.


(sarc) said...

Just close your eyes and meditate to the soothing waters.

You will feel much better...

JQ LLC said...

Too late. Our intrepid city planners decided a long time ago that NYC should resemble Hong Kong with the height, density and overwhelming overpopulation

What a crappy brief report too, Greg Mocker is an idiot.

I am going to close my eyes and wish I was elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Buildings have air rights and they are for sale. Are they suggesting they take them away?

Gary W said...

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Has a nice ring to it