Saturday, May 6, 2017

Nature wins out at the Ridgewood Reservoir

From QNS:

The city Parks Department recently took an important step toward preserving one of Ridgewood’s most beautiful places.

The Ridgewood Reservoir‘s status as a dam was reclassified by the New York City Parks Department after the agency completed a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) application, effectively lowering the site’s hazard rating from Class C “High Hazard” to Class A “Low Hazard.”

This new classification removes the need to create any breaches in the dam, allowing the Ridgewood Reservoir to remain as a natural treasure for all those who visit. Since the reservoir was taken off‐line as a water supply source, it has become a uniquely naturalized area in New York City, serving as an important ecological resource as well as a public recreation space.

The NYC Parks Department said it is fully committed to preserving the Ridgewood Reservoir as a natural open space for the community.


(sarc) said...

It has taken some ten years for our local representatives to convince the federal bureaucrats that some actual thought and common sense should be applied to this overgrown plot.

How soon until it is paved over for a parking lot, ball park and concessions stands with a mini mall?

This was the first phase of eliminating the largest obstacle...

Anonymous said...

No maintenance program is actually demolition by neglect.. Yea let nature take its course, cut & fill to put soccer fields or towers.
The city is once again feeding the public shit and telling them its a meal.