Thursday, May 4, 2017

DeBlasio: Noise near schools is A-OK

From the Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio is moving to gut a bill that would quiet down construction noise next to schools — a bill drafted in response to a building project supported by one of his big donors.

The bill is being pushed by parents at Public School 163 on the Upper West Side who are fighting a 20-story nursing home set to be built right next to their kids’ school.

The huge nursing home is backed by SEIU Local 1199, the health care workers union that has long supported de Blasio and wrote two $250,000 checks to his now defunct nonprofit Campaign for One New York.

Half of that money arrived shortly before de Blasio began siding with the nursing home builder against the interests of the parents, records show.

Those donations were part of a year-long investigation by the Manhattan U.S. attorney that was closed last month. Prosecutors decided not to bring charges, but made a point of saying they were able to establish that de Blasio had solicited funds from entities doing business with City Hall and in some cases intervened on their behalf.


Gary W said...

And yet he'll win in a landside with probably a lower turn out than last time.

And this will be spun to show how his "progressive" policies are popular, and now he has even a bigger mandate to steal from tax payers and citizens.

Anonymous said...

Get the teachers' union on this: this is an OSHA issue.

We have PANY/NJ doing phenomenally loud (95 dB+) right next to a high school, two elementary and 1 parochial school, as well as an assisted living facility and several group home for people with ID & DDs... and NOTHING convinces them there's a problem.

Anonymous said...

THIS is but one reason why this fecal-covered moron should not be in charge of city schools. He'd throw the school system under the bus in a NYC heartbeat to side with his developer campaign donors who own him lock, stock and barrel---as you just saw. The city schools function on a formula of fraud, corruption, cheating and sleight of hand, which this sorry sack of excrement hastens to pass off as "his achievements". The so-called "graduates" can barely read or express themselves in a cogent manner (with a few increasingly rare exceptions from schools like Townsend Harris and Stuyvesent, which this idiot is striving to ruin by lowering the entrance exam standards). This moron would see every single blade of grass here paved over for financial gain. He should be locked up for his corruption and his driving the remnants of NYC into the ground.

Anonymous said...

>And yet he'll win in a landside with probably a lower turn out than last time.

No one besides Avella are primarying him, and the main Republican contender is a stooge for the real estate lobby - the very same thing we hate DeBlasio for.

I just hope people turn out to vote on City Council and to hold a Constitutional Convention.

Gary W said...

>No one besides Avella are primarying him, and the main Republican contender is a stooge for the real estate lobby - the very same thing we hate DeBlasio for.

Maybe Nicole Malliotakis, will win the R primary. Then we can see if the rubes fall for the "it's Her Time", and "it's about time we had a woman mayor", and what ever other feel good clap trap they said was reason enough for Hillary to be Prez.

Goose/Gander and all that.

Anonymous said...

They should pass that law for any construction project in the city. No one should have to live next to that loud noise of construction all day. Ive had it happen next door to me and they are so loud and inconsiderate because they want to build a new house we didnt need on the block.

The law should be if any construction is plainly audible outside of the construction site there should be a 10,000 dollar a day fine payable to the affected property owners next to the construction site where you could hear the noise for the inconvience.

Anonymous said...

>Nicole Malliotakis

She seems like an interesting candidate. What do people on here think about her?

TommyR said...

Not Avella. He's out, didn't have the charisma, competence or legit critical thinking or criticisms that drum up any momentum.

Anonymous said...

And Tony Avella quits. It's show how cheap people are in Queens and won't even support him.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Malliotakis would be a great mayor. The problem is to many people are voting for "free stuff"socialism and equal re-distribution of wealth. -Not leadership and brains.
The middle class totally screwed.
Like the Governor said when ranting about firearms, cost sharing, and parts of the Constitution he feels need to be buried. (something about Archie Bunker and white people living in the 1950s also)
Quote: "if you don't like changes get out of New York, maybe its not the place for you"
Huh ?? everybody I know family's been here at least 3 generations !!

Anonymous said...

Get used to a second term of Duh Blasio.
By now my ass has gotten used to being, Well.....never mind.