Friday, May 19, 2017

Unacceptable traffic situation

"Traffic is a mess as far back as Astoria. Whitestone in particular has received the worst due to its proximity to the bridge. Aside from location in video, 147 street and 12th road is just as bad and is a residential section.

We have made repeated requests for traffic agents, 109 has requested traffic repeatedly. No one has done a thing. This is a dangerous and unfair burden on our community."

Alfredo Centola
Founding Member
We Love Whitestone

Well, friend, unless you want a bike lane, the DOT simply doesn't give a shit. - QC


JQ LLC said...

Vision Zero apparently doesn't apply to gridlock.

The times I rode my bike (when there weren't superfluous unnecessary bike lanes) to Whitestone years ago was very relaxing, it's such a nice tranquil area. Now with these recent postings by Mr. Centola it's become a forgotten area.

There is no doubt in my mind that the city is trying to discourage people from driving. With all the costs being spent, especially by this corrupt mayor Big Slow De Faustio, how hard is it to send a traffic cop to direct traffic every day? Or are they just being utilized to issue tickets?

Unknown said...

It was brought to our attention that my email doesn't make it clear what actually has been done. Inspector Harrison of the 109 and her officers have been extremely responsive. However, The issue is that we need traffic agents on scene to direct traffic. The State knows about this issue as it is a direct cause of their bridge work. The city has been made aware after repeated requests for traffic officers.

Anonymous said...

Dont you worry, DOT will be happy to address the situation by installing a new protected bike Lane! Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

The construction along the north side of the Whitestone Expressway service road in the Linden Place vicinity has been going on for years and the backups are only getting worse.
Does anyone know what the construction is for?

Anonymous said...

The population here has increase. I'm not sure directly traffic is going to do a lot.

More trains need to be built going to and from the places where people live.

Anonymous said...

The Traffic problems by the Whitestone Bridge are due to construction for the open road cashless tolling.
The construction on the South Service Road is for sewer work, two separate problems

Anonymous said...


Yesterday I was traveling by car from Forest Hills to Connecticut via the Whitestone and left my house at about 9:15 a.m.. This is a trip I will take about 6 times a year to see clients in the Stamford area. Normally, this would have been a 50 minute drive tops! The traffic was horrendous and backed up to Linden Avenue. Although I know where I am going, I will use Waze as a way of avoiding such back-ups. The Waze directed me to take the Cross Island and to get off at the 14th Ave/FLB Exit. From there I was sent on to 14th Ave(West), 146th Street, 15th Ave, 149th Street, Over Cross Island to Northbound Service Road, from there I was directed onto 147th heading up one or two blocks.

While on 147th, I was in the left lane and at the corner someone was talking to the driver in the car in front of me. When I arrived at the corner, I was advised by this individual that 147th was not a one-way street!

According to Waze, this was the best route and I would save 51 minutes versus staying on the WS Expressway! The problem with Waze, is the Algorithm will keep directing people this why until the roadwork ends or some other impediment forces drivers onto a new route.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

>Vision Zero apparently doesn't apply to gridlock.

Vision Zero WANTS gridlock.

Zero is the speed they envision traffic going at.

NYRavage said...

The long-term construction on the northbound Whitestone Expressway service road was to install storm sewers to alleviate flooding in the area.

The work was recently completed, and they're in the process of restoring the road to normal.

eyes said...

New York City is out of control

JQ LLC said...

Yesterday in the print edition of the NY Daily News, Mayor Big Slow De Faustio, at a attempt at candor, claimed that he was aware of the poor conditions of the roads in the city that he runs and also acknowledge the horrendous mass transit problems that are occurring every day. But he still recommended, more likely insisted, for everyone to take the subway despite how lousy it is.

This confirms that this Mayor has absolutely no clue, from a guy whose daily commute every damn morning consists of a motorcade to Park Slope to go to the gym, certainly to wheel and deal with the agents of the city, and then drive to city hall.

Primary this mayor.