Saturday, May 13, 2017

Contractors abandon Centreville sewer project

Joanne Cutitto
From the Queens Chronicle:

Workers at the Albert Road sewer project in the Centreville section of Ozone Park have not been spotted on site for close to a month, because they’ve been pulled for another job elsewhere.

While some area residents joked they’re enjoying the peace and quiet, they’re also fuming because the neighborhood has been left a mess by the workers there.

“People now have to live with the mess for a longer term than they should have to,” said Ozone Park Civic Association Howie Kamph. “It’s not fair to the residents.”

A Chronicle reporter on Monday saw streets ripped up and uneven, water mains exposed to the elements, and cones — which looked to be covering a pothole — left in the middle of the street.

“It looks like a third-world country,” said resident Joanne Cutitto. “It’s like there’s no pride in their workmanship.”

The Department of Design and Construction did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this story — including if they’re chasing down the contractor, Maspeth Supply, to finish the taxpayer-funded work in the time laid out in the contract.

A person answering the phones at Maspeth Supply — which, according to city records, has received hundreds of millions of dollars in city contracts for water main and sewer work — said to send an email to the company’s owner, which was not responded to by press time.


JQ LLC said...

For years, probably decades, centerville has been subjected to constant flooded streets after downpours and steady rains in addition to lunar landscape streets. What's truly messed up is that there has been a lot of development in the area in the last year and the nearby resorts world adding to the deluge. What other project could have possibly been more pertinent that they had to leave this behind?

This in addition to the conversion of that failed comfort inn to a homeless shelter.

There is redlining going on in south and north eastern queens. Expect more blight, crime and depression.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem any different than the work that was started and then abandoned on the northbound Whitestone Expressway service road. Same company???

Anonymous said...

Nearly ten years ago (October, 2007), the DOT repaved my street in Ozone Park, but the unskilled labor idiots managed to destroy my entire curb as I witnessed them destroying it (I still have the large, broken-and-jagged pieces of concrete stored in my garage for evidence). Further, the DOT work crew also damaged BOTH sides of the street, as I inspected ALL of the curbings on my block, which compelled a few of my neighbors to fix the badly damaged curbs themselves. One of the orange-vested destroyers told me to call 311 (seriously, stop laughing!)!

That was ten years ago, and my repeated calls to a worthless Community Board 10, have left me in a continual state of anger, confusion, exasperation and frustration. According to one of the long term payroll lackeys named Marcelia at No. 10, there IS no contract to repair DOT-damaged curbs (why that is she couldn't say, because she doesn't know).

Her reply was for ME to pay for the repairs and bill the city (where I would never see a dime repaid before the end of my natural life span)! Well, F**K EVERYONE at this vacuous community board (ALL community boards are completely worthless, and without power to do anything more than show up——ironically so unlike their respective community audiences, all of whom have given up on these public service impostors decades ago).

Worse, this is not the first time that I have complained to Queens Crap about this debacle on several other threads. The city's response? Community Board 10's response? DELAY, DENY——AND, HOPE THAT YOU DIE (where people actually HAVE died, whilst waiting for ANY government help, which is an illusion, not to mention TRUST——which is for suckers)!

Alas, taxation without representation is hard at work (again and STILL!), as the collapsing, failed political leadership continues to hardly work——and, the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!

Finally, whomever parks in front of this damaged section of missing curb is always at the peril of falling and possible serious injury. Hence, the city is waiting for serious injury and/or fatality before any of these empowered idiots of anarchy take action (if ever), as the brain damaged shithead at the disgraced top of City Hall depravity and sociopathy continues to destroy all pretense of honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example)!

To paraphrase Donald Trump: 'SAD.'

Anonymous said...

did anyone file a claim against the City ?

The New York City Comptroller’s Office is responsible for overseeing the resolution and settlement of claims filed against or on behalf of the City of New York. After a claim is received, the Comptroller’s Office will investigate the claim. The Comptroller’s Office may extend an offer to settle the claim based on the results of the investigation. ...

Pursuant to the New York State General Municipal Law § 50-e, a notice of claim must be properly served within 90 days from the date of occurrence. Proper service includes delivery of the notice of claim to the Comptroller’s Office by one of the following methods ...